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Being an international company, we have great people from many countries, who make an essential contribution to the success of Tridonic. What do these people think of their lives at Tridonic and in the Zumtobel Group, what do they enjoy, and what makes their jobs more than an employment? 

Stefano @ Tridonic

Stefano Rosa – Manager Office and Education

Today we are introducing Stefano Rosa, who is working for Tridonic as a Manager of the Office and Education Segments. We wanted to know why he decided to become part of the Zumtobel Group and how his first months in the company have been so far.

Stefano, you are a quite experienced person with ever exciting job opportunities. How did Tridonic and the Zumtobel Group come to your attention and is there anything different compared to your other jobs?
Zumtobel was one of my customers in my previous job and I once visited their production plant. It was one of the best plants in the lighting industry I have ever visited and I was very impressed. In addition to that “during customers” visits they were repeatedly telling me that they were using Tridonic products, and you know that “the voice of the customer” is always a good reference. So when I got interviewed for the job as a manager of the office and education segments I was very motivated by the vision of the company, which could only strengthen my high opinion of Tridonic.

How has your career developed and where do you come from originally?
Well I have been working in three different countries, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria is my fourth one. I started in R&D in the automotive industry (good school of life) and moved into the semiconductor business as a field application engineer. In Germany I did technical marketing and after various jobs in components distribution, I worked five years for Texas instruments. From there I changed into the lighting industry where everybody is customer, supplier and competitor at the same time. :-) I am half French – half Italian and I come from Rome.

Office and Education are the segments you are responsible for. What does it exactly mean, and what are the tasks and challenges that you are facing in your new position?
To simplify things I say that office and education products are the square and rectangular ones. No, I am just joking. The application environment sets the difference, but most important is what people do in these environments. It is about groups of people spending their day together, working, studying, exchanging ideas and plans, striving for achievement. Our job here is to empower the lighting industry (we are in B2B) to bring productivity and well-being at working and studying places thanks to Tridonic solutions.

What do you think are the future trends in these segments and how do you see Tridonic positioned?
The office of the future is more about collaboration and task achievement rather than territory and personal space. We should develop products, services and ideas enabling easy maintenance, and flexibility in office space organization – you know how often companies change organizations! Other values are straightforward retrofitting in buildings, for example the ready2mains solutions thanks to Tridonic. We are developing smart connected and efficient lighting component solution. This is the Tridonic mission and we are geared for any technology transition that the lighting industry is going to go through.

What kind of people work in Product Management and how is the culture in the team?
Product managers are multi-skilled persons. They must deal with technology and deliver products that will be successful and ensure profit for the company at the same time. They need to interface a lot of different roles and have good communication capabilities in addition to vision, intuition and business discipline. The team culture asks to be an entrepreneur and run a business based on the product groups we are responsible for and doing it with “Leidenschaft” – “Passion”!

Now you have been working for Tridonic for a few months. When you think back – how was your start here?
My first thought was “How can I deal with all these meeting requests?” and after five months it felt like I had been with the company for five years due to the work intensity.

What do you think about the region? How do you feel in Vorarlberg?
Vorarlberg is cool. Together with my kids I decided that we will have to try every one of the 46 ski resorts of the region. I live near to the Lake of Constance in Lindau and every morning I see the mountains surrounding the lake. Isn’t that beautiful?

What do you do in your leisure time? Any hobbies that you are passionate about?
My leisure time I mostly spend with my family. My hobbies are Aikido, making music and cooking, among other things.

What do you like about the Tridonic and Zumtobel Group culture?
It is a large group but I still have the feeling as though I work in a smaller company. I like the technology married to the purpose of making beautiful and useful light. People are very open and friendly.

What else would you like to tell us?
I really love being here, I enjoy every minute of it!

Omaina Aziz

Omaina Aziz – Project Manager

Omaina started in 2012 as an international graduate in operations. She is born in Pakistan and finished her bachelor studies in ‘Electrical and Computer Engineering’ at the Jacobs University Bremen in 2012.
How did the Zumtobel Group and Tridonic come to your attention?
Right before graduation I was looking for a job. I found the Zumtobel Group in one of the company brochures that were provided by our Career Service Centre. The International Graduate Program was exactly for what I was looking for, so I applied immediately.
How was your start in Dornbirn?
Scary! I had trouble finding a place to live, I didn’t know anyone in Austria and my work permit was late so I could not start working for nearly 2 months. Luckily my mentor at that time was very supportive and helped me make the transition.
How has your job developed?
I am now working for Tridonic Operations as a project manager. I am mostly responsible for Asian projects and in this function, so I spend a lot of time in Shenzhen, China. I am learning a lot during my work and I am still really excited about my job!
What are your next steps?
Hopefully not forgetting the little German I know and picking up some Mandarin at the same time.
What do you like about the Zumtobel Group culture?
I like how open and multi-cultural it is. It’s very easy to get along with your colleagues and I’ve made some really good friends.

Jessica @ Tridonic R&D

Jessica Mei, Hardware Approval Engineer

Jessica has worked for Tridonic Shenzhen since 2011. She took the opportunity in autumn 2014 to make a stay at Tridonic in Dornbirn for 1.5 years.
How did the Zumtobel Group and Tridonic come to your attention? How did you start?
I came to work for Tridonic Shenzhen (China) as a trainee three years ago after I graduated from University. Before that I had no idea about the Zumtobel Group. Tridonic came to Hubei for campus recruitment in 2011. I handed over my CV and got the chance for an interview. And luckily I got the job and was in:) After 6 months of trainee program, I was assigned to CDE( China development emergent marketing team, who has a focus on products for new markets like India, China etc.) and worked as a technician. My main work was to do the design validation. 1.5 years later, I was transferred to the project management team as a junior project leader. This July I got the chance to work in Dornbirn in the Hardware team of Jakob König and started to work as a HW approval engineer on 22 September 2014.
How was your start in Dornbirn?
It’s very good. Before I came to Dornbirn I was afraid because of the language. But all my colleagues speak English and are very willing to help me. 
How has your job developed so far?
Currently it’s good. With the technician working experience in China, it is not that hard for me in the work. There are some differences in testing but basically it’s the same. But there are still some new things to learn which keep me quite motivated.
What are your next steps?
For the 18 months here in Dornbirn I want to learn things about how the approval team test our products, about standards, certificates, new products and how things are running here. When I go back to Tridonic China I would like to use what I have learned here. During the spare time here I plan to further study for a master’s degree in management.
What do you like about the Tridonic culture?
I do really enjoy the time I work at Tridonic. I still remember three years ago in the interview when Thomas Marinelli asked me in what kind of company I want to join. I replied that I want to work in a big, competitive company. He said among other things that Tridonic is a nice, open working environment and that friendly people work here. Until now I still think he was right. Tridonic is the company I am looking for. Three years of working in China I learned a lot and made many friends. Especially when I transferred to the project management team, the project team members helped me so much even though I am younger than many of them. I do like this kind of culture very much. And now in the Dornbirn Hardware approval team, my new colleagues are so nice to me. I do really appreciate it.
What else would you like to tell us?
I want to say that I am proud of being part of the Zumtobel Group as one of the greatest lighting companies. And I do really appreciate the opportunity to work at Tridonic which is a really good start in my career.

Javier @ Tridonic

Javier Garcia, Design Engineer

Javi from Spain started to work for Tridonic in September 2011.

How did the Zumtobel Group come to your attention? How did you start?
To be honest, I haven’t heard about the Zumtobel Group before I joined it. When I finished my studies, I started to look for a job in Spain as well as abroad as the situation in Spain was not good. At this time, a program was launched to recruit Spanish engineers and I was offered the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarter in Dornbirn before starting to work.

What did you do during your job rotation / How was your start in Dornbirn?
Before my start I was a little nervous and worried about the idea of working abroad. Thankfully my doubts quickly disappeared during my first day at Tridonic. Unlike I was told, people in Austria were not cold, but quite nice and friendly. I easily integrated into the team and into my position.

How has your job developed?
At the very beginning, I had no working experience at all! I had to learn so many different things and I even felt a bit useless. But this fact changed as we started to develop STARTREK ECO, the new generation of LED converters. The first steps were quite hard but with the support of the team and hard work, we were able to develop the products achieving all the specifications and I personally got used into the way of work here. After two years, I feel appreciated as a part of the team and we are looking forward to developing more new products which will contribute into a successful shift to LED technology.

What are your next steps?
For the moment, I am in the same position as I started two years ago, I work as design engineer in R&D department,developing new LED converters. In the future, I would also like to change into another position, but definitely inside Tridonic, as I really like the culture of work of the company.

What do you like about the Tridonic culture?
First of all, I am happy to work inside a company which sets the pace in the lighting business. It is always motivating to develop new products which will set a trend.
Moreover, it is the way of working what I appreciate more and what surprised me more. At least, it is completely different to Spain. Here, the communication between managers and employees flows like a horizontal line while in Spain it is more in the direction of a vertical line. The employees here are much better considered and I am quite glad about this.

What else would you like to tell us?
I just would like to say that I am proud of being part of the Zumtobel Group as one of the most important lighting companies.