Location: Echternach/Luxembourg
Products: , TALEXXeos P211 / P214, TALEXXchain D511 RGB, TALEXXspaceLED P602

In the heart of the Luxembourg town of Echternach stands the “Trifolion”, a new cultural and conference centre. The lighting installations with innovative components from Tridonic contribute enormously to the unique atmosphere.

In “The Atrium”, the main concert hall and heart of the Trifolion, double-focus dimmable low-voltage halogen downlights are integrated in the ceiling to enable adjustment of light levels to suit the particular event.

TALEXXchain D511 RGB LED chains are mounted in the wall surface. Depending on the use of the room and the atmosphere required, coffers can be bathed in monochrome or colour-changing light.

The forum on the first floor has what is often affectionately known as a “starlight ceiling”. The decorative lighting is based on an optical fibre system and gives the forum a cheerful party atmosphere. The linear lighting integrated in the walls and ceiling of the forum has been achieved with TALEXXspaceLED P602 system module chains. These dimmable high-flux LED modules are energy-efficient and ideal for illuminating complex contours, whilst installation can be carried out without the need for special tools.

In the interior elevation of the foyer stairs opal glass panels are backlit with white light from TALEXXstrip P108 DL. Compact TALEXXeos P214 LED spotlights equipped with TALEXX lens O214 DL have also been used. TALEXXeos P211 LED uplights integrated in the window sills bathe the reveals in colour-changing light, giving the windows a special dynamic quality.

Project Data
Owners: Echternach municipal authority (L)
Architects: Bureau Niederweis, Echternach (L)
Project and construction management: Ros Peter GRANER PETER @ Associés, Osweiler (L)
Interior fittings: Ros Peter GRANER PETER @ Associés, Osweiler (L)
Lighting design: FLASHAAR Ingenieure GmbH, Bingen am Rhein (D)
Used equipment: