Sustainable Tridonic


Sustainable Tridonic


Tridonic is one of the key players in the global lighting industry. Light is our strategic resource, but we are convinced that our industry must develop solutions for the biggest challenge to date, namely safeguarding our planet and its natural resources. What does this mean? We at Tridonic believe that products and the way we produce them must be questioned and rethought. For us “sustainability” is more than a buzzword: Our aim is to create solutions and products which are deeply rooted in the circular economy, and which will support our customers in their sustainable projects.




Sustainable Tridonic –  focus areas


The “Sustainable Tridonic” program started in 2021. It is ambitious and has a clear goal: we want to become the thought leader in the sustainable lighting industry. Of course, this is a big step for us, for our partners and especially for our suppliers. To guarantee our success our focus is therefore on building strong partnerships along the entire value chain.


Sustainable Tridonic – program

What is Cradle to Cradle (C2C)?

Cradle to Cradle or C2C is the focus of the “Sustainable Tridonic” program. It is a design concept aimed at developing safe, circular and responsibly manufactured products. The goal is not only to minimise negative effects but also to leave a positive environmental footprint. Cradle to Cradle is about seeing waste as a nutrient for new products. At Tridonic, we believe that C2C can change the lighting industry by promoting new and highly ambitious design rules.





Cradle to Cradle – major milestones

  • LED module certification project available
    The first C2C certified electronic component in the lighting industry
    Press release
  • EMC declaration for first GEN4 drivers available
    An important step for Tridonic: With the EMC declarations our customer can obtain a C2C certification for their luminaires


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