“The more areas of a building that are automated the greater the return on investment.”

Thomas Moder, Segment Manager Controls & Connectivity, Tridonic

“When the ubiquity of lighting becomes an IP mesh network, the opportunity for interoperability and co-existence of systems on one network is created and enables limitless potential benefits for individual users, buildings and organisations that offer way more than just lighting.”

Simon Blazey, Strategic Solution Sales Manager

“Lighting is the ideal backbone for IoT. But it’s not just about what lighting can do for IoT. With the concept of IoT, lighting services can reach a new dimension.”

Thomas Moder, Segment Manager Controls & Connectivity, Tridonic

  • Connected lighting

Connected lighting

When building devices communicate through lighting

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next industrial revolution. The Internet of Things is expanding at the rapid pace. But quantity brings complexity. As a specialist for innovative lighting components and systems, Tridonic is convinced that smart lighting will play a decisive role in the Internet of Things. Due to the dense granularity of luminaires and sensors, lighting can form the wireless or wired backbone within a building, connect all smart devices easily, and even be part of the IT infrastructure itself. For instance, it can support easer commissioning and installation, use of wireless controls and is fully scalable. Find out more about the Internet of Lighting and the values it creates for the users.
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