Tallink Spa

Location: Tallinn/Estonia
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXstrip

Chained TALEXXstrip P521-2 LED modules and TALEXXchain D511 RGB LED module chains are providing some unusual effects in the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. Configured and intuitively operated via the x-touchPANEL, this innovative and pioneering DALI lighting management system with lighting control components from Tridonic offers real added value.

The Four Star hotel, which was opened in 2007, has a luxurious Aqua Spa Landscape and Beauty Center and 275 comfortable rooms. The special atmosphere in the Cosmos Suite is produced by an LED system that Alter Electric OÜ (the Tridonic distributor in Estonia) created together with designers from Torpedo Interior LLC.

This is illuminated from inside by chained TALEXXstrip LED modules P521-2 in daylight white. The chains are operated on matching TALEXXconverter K220 converters. The light panels are linked to the general lighting in the suite to create a wonderful atmosphere.

Special effects

In the à la carte restaurant the atmosphere can be changed depending on the event or use. This is achieved by a glass balustrade which acts as a room divider in which decorations by graphic designers are engraved. TALEXXchain D511 RGB LED module chains are used to inject their light into this glass panel. The chains are combined with TALEXXconverter K240 converters and TALEXXcontrol C350 four-channel PWM dimmers and TALEXXcontrol C004 PWM amplifiers. RGB colour mixing is used to create a wide variety of coloured lighting scenes and bathe the room in impressive light.

The LED system and the general lighting in the restaurant and also the lighting in the reception, the lobby bar and the modern conference centre are all linked to a DALI lighting management system. All the light sources are operated on control gear with DALI interfaces and integrated into the DALI system, such as low-voltage halogen lamps on TE one4all DALI electronic transformers and incandescent lamps via the DALI RM control module. DALI GC group controllers and SC scene controllers work perfectly together. The lighting is simple to control thanks to push-button switches and in particular the x-touchPANEL from Tridonic with its intuitive user interface. The x-touchPANEL provides the basis for uncomplicated configuration of the lighting control system with up to 128 DALI units that can be assigned to 16 lighting groups and for programming and retrieving 16 lighting scenes.

DALI lighting management made easy

The two software versions stored in the x-touchPANEL offer versatile lighting management. One program focuses on mood lighting with white light and scene selections. The other is designed specifically for time-controlled colour changes and colour sequencing via RGB colour mixing. The special feature is the ease with which colours can be selected. The shade is chosen by touch from a palette of colours and the controller then automatically calculates the light levels for the individual coloured light sources.

The Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel provides its guests with a warm and atmospheric welcome. TALEXXchain LED module chains and lighting control components from Tridonic provide an innova-tive basis for this atmosphere.

Project Data
Owner: Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel 
Architect: Architecture bureau OÜ Urban Mark 
Design: Torpedo Interior LLC 
LED-solution: Alter Electric OÜ 
Used equipment: LED Drivers