Staatsschauspielhaus Stuttgart

Location: Stuttgart/Germany
Products: , TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL, TALEXXconverter K240 12 V

The new site for the Staatsschauspielhaus Stuttgart can be seen from miles away thanks to its signage equipped with TALEXX LEDs from Tridonic.

The renowned Staatsschauspielhaus Stuttgart is being completely renovated and is due to reopen in autumn 2011. The theatre has found a new temporary home in the old Mercedes Benz subsidiary in Türlenstraße. An impressive signage unit, comprising a neon-green fist and lettering, implemented with LED technology from Tridonic, ensures that the new site is instantly recognisable. A signage unit that could be seen for miles around was installed on the flat roof. The logo and the lettering “Schauspiel Stuttgart” point the way to the new site.

A strong signal

The letters are designed as full-relief elements with acrylic fronts and are backlit with powerful LED module chains from Tridonic. Connectors in white split the green letters visually into three pieces. During the day these white elements do not contrast against the sky, and they also cannot be seen at night, whilst the green components then seem to hover clearly and memorably above the Stuttgart skyline. The lighting designers there opted for the TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL LED chain, controlled via a TALEXXconverter K240 12 V for maximum energy efficiency. The light from these LED chains is much brighter and whiter than conventional LED light – the 155° beam characteristic of the CRYSTAL LED modules guarantees optimum and exceptionally uniform distribution of light in the individual letters. The excellent luminance of the lettering matches beautifully with the “fist” logo which has open neon lighting. Another reason for using the TALEXXchain is its robust construction and therefore long life. All the LED modules have IP67 protection and are therefore ideal for outdoor use.

Project data
Contractor: Stuttgarter Staatstheater
Lighting concept: Kreder Neon, Schwieberdingen (D)