Resorts World Sentosa

Location: Singapore
Products: , TALEXXchain P510, TALEXXchain P511, TALEXXconverter K240

One of the first things that visitors to the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in Singapore see as they arrive is welcome signage illuminated by Tridonic TALEXX LED lighting. Nor is this the last time they will encounter TALEXX lighting as these versatile LED chains have been used extensively throughout the resort.

One of the world's most extensive, and expensive, integrated resorts, RWS was opened on the 14th February 2010 on the island of Sentosa off the southern coast of Singapore. Covering an area of 49 hectares, it boasts a huge range of facilities, including four hotels, a Universal Studios theme park and the world's largest oceanarium. In such an extensive resort the costs of lighting-related maintenance can be a major issue as, with conventional lighting, maintenance staff need to continually monitor for failed lamps. There can also be considerable time involved in collecting the appropriate lamps from stock and returning to the area of the failed lamp to replace it. In addition, much of the signage at RWS is mounted very high so that special access equipment is needed for re-lamping.

In using LED light sources for much of the signage, RWS has virtually eliminated these costs as the LEDs will last for around 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. This also helps to maintain the image of the resort, as failed lamps can create a negative image with visitors. The welcome signage uses TALEXXchain P511 (red) LEDs with TALEXXconverter K240, providing low energy consumption and maintenance without compromising on the visual impact. This solution has also been applied to Resorts World logos in the Festive Walk area, mounted 4 m above the ground and illuminated for most of the day in this 24/7 dining and shopping promenade.

TALEXXchain P510 and P511 modules in warm white and daylight colour temperatures, some with IP67 ingress protection, have also been used for various purposes in the hotels. The entrances of the Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel Michael, Crockford Tower and the Galleria that links these areas to the casino are all lit using LED solutions. In addition, two 5 m wide, 3 m high signs on the 7th storey of the Hard Rock Hotel are illuminated with TALEXX LEDs.

Other advertising around the resort also makes use of TALEXXchain P510 modules. These include 18 advertising hoardings, the largest of which measures 3.75 m x 3.6 m. Two of the panels are at the entrance to the Compass ballroom - the largest column-free ballroom in the region - while the others are mounted adjacent to the car park. Over and above the maintenance benefits afforded by LED lighting, the use of TALEXXchain modules is helping RWS to minimise the energy consumed in illuminating signage, while ensuring more consistent colour rendering than can be achieved with many other brands of LED.