Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Location: Shanghai/China
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain P511

Tridonic has supplied an extensive range of TALEXX LEDs for use in signage at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Terminal 2, combining excellent colour temperature and light distribution uniformity with low cost of ownership.

Located around 30 km from the centre of Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the largest airport in Shanghai and one of China’s busiest airports. When specifying lighting for the signage in check-in areas, the airport needed to ensure high luminance levels for check-in stations, to ensure the signage was clearly visible within these highly-lit areas. There was also a requirement for a uniform colour temperature in compliance with the CIE 1964 standard. Other key criteria included low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, this needed to be achieved with a compact and discreet design, as the depth of the signage was only 60 mm.

Having considered the various options, the airport opted for Tridonic TALEXXchain P511 LED in daylight white as offering the best solution. As well as meeting the performance criteria, the fixtures are complemented by Tridonic’s excellent reputation in the region, backed by a five year warranty to underline the high quality of Tridonic products. Tridonic was also able to offer a highly competitive price. TALEXXchain P511 offer the high light output required for the project, combined with a wide beam angle of 140 degrees, enabling a wide and uniform light distribution while accommodating the shallow depth of the signage.

The TALEXX range represents the latest generation of LED lighting, with exceptionally constant light colour to guarantee a uniform and crystal clear colour appearance. TALEXX products are also designed to deliver a long life of up to 50,000 hours, with a robust construction and the use of TALEXXconverter to ensure that the voltage to the LEDs remains constant. At Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Terminal 2, TALEXXconverter constant voltage converters have been used and these are also included in the five-year warranty. The converters provide a universal input voltage range, short circuit protection with automatic restart as well as overtemperature and overload protection. All TALEXX LEDs feature Tridonic’s chip-on-board technology (COB), which optimises the thermal management of the LEDs to reduce the operating temperature of the LEDs.

This has the effect of improving both the consistency and reliability of the LEDs, thereby eliminating the problems that were associated with early designs of LED light sources. Tridonic’s chip-on-board technology (COB) is a differentiating factor when compared to many other LED light sources and is a key reason for the superior performance of Tridonic LEDs. Thanks to the Tridonic LED solution, Terminal 2 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport now has very effective and aesthetically pleasing signage in its check-in areas, enhancing the passenger experience. The airport also benefits from the lower energy consumption of Tridonic LEDs, compared to other solutions, so that it has been able to reduce its carbon footprint. Further financial savings result from the long, reliable life of the TALEXX fixtures, so that maintenances costs are reduced.

Project Data
Client: Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Architect: East China Architectural Design & Research Institut Co., Ltd
Lighting design: Fortune Lighting Co., Ltd
Lighting concept / planning: Fortune Lighting Co., Ltd
Used equipment: LED Drivers
TALEXXchain P511