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NFC scanner with Bluetooth connection from TERTIUM Technology


The 4service NFC app enables quick and easy configuration and analysis of Tridonic LED drivers. This makes the work of installation engineers, maintenance officers and employees in similar fields significantly easier.
To use the app functions, subscriptions with different validity periods are available (weekly, monthly, yearly).


The following functions can be configured via the app, provided they are supported by the respective LED driver. A valid subscription is required. Try the first 30 days for free.

Set the driver parameters

  • LED output current:
    Set the LED output current (in mA) to adjust the brightness
  • Device operating mode:
    Selection of the device operating mode (DALI, corridorFUNCTION, chronoSTEP, etc.)
  • DALI addressing:
    Set the DALI short address
  • corridorFUNCTION:
    Configuration of the corridorFUNCTION (light level, fade times, etc.)
  • chronoSTEP:
    Configuration of the chronoSTEP profiles

Easily transfer driver parameter settings
With the copy function, you can quickly and easily copy a device's settings to identical devices. This saves time when replacing faulty devices and when commissioning several identical luminaires.

Transfer configurations from deviceGENERATOR
With the app, configuration files that were created with the deviceGENERATOR (ending: *.trgf) can also be transferred on LED drivers.

Driver analysis
If an LED driver is faulty, the data memory can be read out. This means an initial analysis of the causes is already possible on site.

Prerequisites for use

The following prerequisites must be met before you can use the app:

  • Use of an LED driver with NFC interface from Tridonic
  • NFC scanner with Bluetooth connection from TERTIUM Technology. Alternatively, the internal NFC reader can also be used on different Android smartphones.
  • Active Internet connection for first-time use and for updates. An Internet connection is not absolutely necessary for ongoing operation. To ensure that the app works properly, however, the device-specific data must always be current, i.e. regularly updated.
  • If any of the driver's functions are protected by the luminaire manufacturer (e.g. by a password), these cannot be changed even with the app


To use the functions, subscriptions with different validity periods are available (weekly, monthly, yearly). During the validity period, a subscription entitles you to an unlimited amount of programming.
In the user account settings, you can stipulate whether a subscription should finish at the end of the validity period or whether it should be automatically extended. The default setting is for a subscription to be automatically extended. However, subscriptions can easily be terminated up to 24 hours before expiry of the current validity period. You simply need to deactivate the automatic extension option in your account settings.
Payments are made via the account specified at the time of purchase confirmation. Costs for unused phases cannot be reimbursed.

Free function

Even without taking out a subscription, the app can still be used to retrieve information about Tridonic products. To do this, simply scan the NFC tag or the QR code on Tridonic devices. The function itself is free of charge. But costs might be incurred for the required Internet connection.



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