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  • Herend porcelain in the Tridonic spotlight


Herend porcelain in the Tridonic spotlight

Tradition meets understated elegance

The finest porcelain in a refined setting – Herend, the Hungarian porcelain manufacturer, is famous for its traditional craftsmanship and exclusive collectibles. To showcase its unique handcrafted articles for maximum effect, Herend opted for a new lighting solution at its store in Budapest. Hungarian luminaire manufacturer Oleant and architect Marcell Benson made full use of Tridonic LED technology to create a lighting solution that provides the perfect setting for the porcelain. The elegant results can be admired at the showroom in the heart of Budapest.

© Herend

© Herend

© Herend

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory, which was founded in 1826, is Hungary’s oldest and largest porcelain factory. Today, it is one of the most important in Europe. Right from the early days it numbered several famous people among its customers, including Queen Victoria, Emperor Franz Joseph and members of the Esterházy, Batthyány, Rothschild and Apponyi families. The company is built on tradition. All the products are still manufactured using the old templates, including tableware, figurines, decorative plates and ornaments.

To showcase these unique handcrafted articles and reveal their full effect the lighting in the Budapest store was completely redesigned. The company looked for a high-quality, individual concept that would blend well with the interior architecture without distracting from the porcelain items. A DALI control module was needed that would allow the light to be controlled and dimmed to suit the conditions in the showroom.

Elegant yet understated

The Hungarian luminaire manufacturer Oleant developed a lighting concept in collaboration with architect Marcell Benson. The client requested a high-quality and forward-looking installation. Tridonic LED modules and drivers proved to be ideal lighting components for designing and controlling the modern and aesthetic solution. All the know-how and expertise resulted in a customised system that was ideal for staging the porcelain in the showroom.

The main salon features a composition of four rings of light based on Oleant’s Olala luminaires. The oval Oleant Eclipse provides a pleasant light in the prestigious round exhibition space. Tridonic LEDs and Tridonic drivers are used in both installations. The LLE FLEX LED module is ideal for decorative lighting and offers excellent homogeneity. Thanks to their one4all interface, the LED drivers in the premium series provide various dimming options that can be tailored precisely to the needs of the customer.

“Elegant yet discreet and understated – the new lighting concept is a wonderful addition to our shop without drawing attention away from our products”, said Herend’s Chief Engineer József Dávid. This modern LED solution is not only perfect for displaying the porcelain but also saves energy and CO2. Based on an average of 10 hours of operation a day, it achieves savings of 5,843 kW/h and 2,603 kg of CO2 per year – corresponding to a reduction of over 80 percent compared with the old installation.

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