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  • Light for a special shopping experience


Light for a special shopping experience

Light management including Bluetooth installation for Chinese fashion retailer ENG

The Chinese fashion industry has gained in importance worldwide over the past few years thanks to a new design language and the creative development of traditional forms. Young brand ENG offers not only stylish clothing and accessories but also lifestyle products and technical gadgets. In ENG’s first Chinese flagship store, an intelligent lighting control system featuring light-on-demand from Tridonic adds to the shopping experience and underlines the label’s very own design language.

The first ENG flagship store in central Shanghai sees itself as a creative showroom with its own unique aesthetics. A major feature is the lighting concept. Not only does it create an ideal interplay between light and shadow, but it always provides the right light in all areas. The precisely matched lighting conveys the DNA of the brand and visually represents the wishes of the predominantly young buyers. The lighting architecture has to meet a variety of requirements such as uniform, optimum quality of light at all times and a constant colour temperature. Another aim is for lighting effects to be created throughout the aisles, walkways and shelves to highlight the details and texture of the displays and to illuminate them in their real colours. The ENG flagship store is also used for a wide range of events that are bathed in colourful and lively, yet subtle and balanced lighting.

Lighting concept with record values

The extensive lighting concept for ENG required a light-on-demand solution with intelligent lighting control. Tridonic provided suitable LED drivers with appropriate peripherals.

basicDIM Wireless technology enables intelligent, wireless control via Bluetooth of all the luminaires and spotlights installed in the ENG flagship store. Using an app (iOS and Android), store managers can turn the luminaires on and off, dim them or group them from anywhere within the sales area. This allows for the quality of light to be adjusted quickly and flexibly to the respective display or sales area. LED drivers and communication modules are connected in five mesh networks. These networks can be operated completely without an additional gateway thanks to wireless technology.

Calibration by the drivers and LED modules ensures high white light quality from 2,700 to 6,500 K – at constant luminous flux in all colour temperatures and perfect colour consistency between systems and luminaires. The built-in DT8 PRE drivers offer outstanding dimming between 1 and 100 percent thanks to DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface).

Dynamic lighting concept enhances shopping experience

ENG’s flagship store welcomes its customers with basic lighting that provides a soft shimmering background for the merchandise displays. Tunable White gives the impression of natural light discreetly blending in with the room architecture. This landscape is broken up by spotlights and downlights precisely where the customer’s focus needs to be directed – to interior details or specific merchandise. At the same time, the ceiling lighting always remains in the background while walls and doors stand out from their surroundings. Thanks to the lighting installation, customers can experience the store in new ways again and again. Almost imperceptibly, it conveys ENG’s fashion trends and design language, creating a unique shopping experience.

The installation of Tridonic’s wireless light management system allows ENG to use light in in new ways in its store. The fashion brand now benefits from a stronger presence for its design language, which is presented in a modern and innovative way within a charming interplay between light and shadow.

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