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Tridonic Eases a Critical Bottleneck in Luminaire Production

companionSUITE Software Tools and Tridonic LED Drivers with Near-field Communication (NFC) Enable Faster Driver Programming; Saving Time and Production Costs.

Tridonic’s companionSUITE is a dynamic set of software tools used for defining LED driver parameters and transferring parameter settings in production. For the first time, you can see all the features and driver parameter settings on screen and define them precisely without having to review cumbersome datasheets. companionSUITE provides process optimization, minimizes production errors and enables simple read back of faulty drivers. The software tools are compatible with common driver interfaces such as DALI, DALI-2, ready2mains and now NFC. Providing a wireless transfer of LED driver settings, up to 20 drivers in a box can be programmed at the same time without a transmission cable when using NFC technology. Tridonic’s companionSUITE software tools provide significant time and cost savings in the production of luminaires, because of increased yield in parameterization of LED drivers.

companionSUITE consists of three dynamic software tools designed for the effortless creation of parameter profiles for drivers, uploading (transferring) of parameters to the driver as well as exporting data from returned products.

deviceGENERATOR – provides luminaire manufacturers with an easy way to create individual profiles and save settings for subsequent transmission to drivers. As a web-based tool, there is no need to install software or perform manual updates.

deviceCONFIGURATOR – simplifies the configuration of the luminaires, providing production staff with an efficient and secure way to transmit the correct driver settings to the devices – up to 20 drivers in one box.

deviceANALYSER – provides support for quality management by performing a comprehensive fault analysis on drivers from returned luminaires. Also, the exported parameters from returned drivers can then be compared with the original configuration. Installation and updates are not needed as the software is accessed on the web.

By enabling its software tools and LED drivers with an NFC interface, Tridonic is making it easy to implement this wireless technology. Only one NFC antenna is required in the production area and is available as a handheld device and as an NFC interface, which can also be installed directly on workbenches. NFC antennas transmit data via electromagnetic induction to receivers located in the immediate vicinity. For luminaire production, information is transmitted to the LED drivers that are to be programmed with configuration data.

“Due to the significant time and cost savings, wireless data transfer using NFC is becoming increasingly more popular in luminaire production. Since a cable no longer has to be connected to the driver, several drivers or even entire packaging units can be programmed at one time. Combined with our companionSUITE of software tools, it provides a solution that alleviates critical bottlenecks in luminaire production. We look forward to enabling our customers’ competitive advantages by making this advanced technology available in the U.S.,” says Paul A. Montesino LC, Product Director Americas, Tridonic USA.

A video illustrating the NFC function in luminaire production is available on the Tridonic YouTube channel.

Tridonic’s U.S. portfolio includes dimmable, constant current, indoor, linear LED drivers for area lighting in offices, education, healthcare, and general lighting applications. The excite (EXC) lp and C series LED drivers can be programmed via Tridonic’s ready2mains interface. Tridonic’s excite2 (EXC2) series of LED drivers are compatible for programming via NFC technology.

Attending LIGHTFAIR International 2019? If so, you are invited to attend a live demo at Tridonic’s booth #4039 in the IoT Pavilion. The tradeshow and conference is held from May 21-23 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The live demo will show how to program LED drivers via NFC in the production line using Tridonic’s companionSUITE software tools. After, you can participate in a challenge where you’ll have a chance to do your own programming and match your skills against Tridonic’s “Lucy”.
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