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  • Area, Linear Drivers Provide Flexibility for Luminaire OEMs


Tridonic Introduces New 35W, 50W and 75 Watt LED Programmable Drivers for Office, Educational, Healthcare and Institutional Facility Applications

Area, Linear Drivers Provide Flexibility for Luminaire OEMs

Dornbirn, Austria, November 8, 2017. Tridonic, a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, today introduced to the North American market a new range of constant current, programmable LED drivers in the excite (EXC) product series. These new drivers include 35 W, 50 W and 75 W ranges for linear, area and general illumination luminaires designed for commercial, educational and/or healthcare facilities. These new drivers are UL Class P Listed and are 0-10 V dimmable and tailored to application required dimming curves.

LC 35 W 150-700 mA 54 V 0-10 V lp EXC UNV

Tridonic’s new low profile drivers may be paired with the company’s high-quality light LLE or QLE modules to design luminaires for use in linear, area lighting applications. The output of these constant current drivers may be adjusted with the use of a ready2mains programmer or I-select 2 plugs for greater programming flexibility. Additionally, these drivers have Class P UL listing, further providing value to lighting manufacturers who may use them with their luminaire designs without the need to resubmit for UL testing and recertification, thereby reducing their product development time, cost and risk.

To add further confidence in the drivers to luminaire manufacturers these drivers will reduce incompatibility issues with lighting control systems, as the Tridonic drivers may be tuned to the specific dimming curves supplied by various controls companies. Tridonic’s ready2mains programmer allows OEMs to tune their required drive currents, program their dimming curve preferences and lock out future changes by unauthorized users. Tridonic’s world class design allow up to 90 percent efficiency, higher ambient temperature limits and have industry leading lifetime up to 100,000 hours backed by a 5-year product and performance guarantee. These drivers are now commercially available world-wide.

Tridonic, being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zumtobel Group, is listed as one of the handful of qualified component suppliers of the Philips SSL Licensing program. For more details about the program and its exact terms and conditions please go to the Philips SSL Licensing program website.

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