Port 2000

Location: Le Havre/France
Products: , OGLIS 1000

The Port 2000 investment programme has turned Le Havre into the fifth largest port in Northern Europe. OGLIS 1000 ballasts ensure that light is available on the container gantries for loading and unloading the ships at all times of day and night.

When finally complete, Port 2000 will have a 4 km long quay protected by an embankment where twelve large container ships will be able to dock at the same time. After the latest major investment of 1 billion euros this largest French port has become an extremely competitive player, rising to fifth place in Northern Europe in terms of the number of containers handled.

By 2010 Le Havre is expected to increase its turnover volume to more than 4 million TEUs (Twenty foot Equivalent Units). There are already partnership links in place between Port 2000 and the leading international shipbuilding and terminal operators.

High-performance floodlights brighten the container site

A large proportion of the investment was earmarked for the infrastructure. This included the container gantries, for which highquality and of course energy-efficient light is absolutely essential for rapid loading and unloading of the ships. Around 200 Champion high-performance asymmetrical floodlights from Thorn Lighting provide reliable service here at the six terminals already in operation. Equipped with 1,000 W high-pressure sodium lamps and OGLIS 1000 magnetic ballasts from Tridonic these floodlights produce energy-efficient light over the 500 m wide container site.

Ballasts in the OG series are characterised by high efficiency, low self-heating and extremely long life. In view of the fact that the container gantry has a track width of 35 m and a 12 m double trolley hoist, long life is essential to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. What’s more, the OGLIS 1000 magnetic ballasts ensure that the high-pressure sodium lamps are operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and therefore achieve their rated life.

The port at the mouth of the Seine with its current capacity of 3 million TEUs is ideally located for imports from Asia and exports to North America. The Champion floodlights are also environmentally friendly in that they minimise glare and scattered light. OGLIS 1000 ballasts ensure total reliability. Tridonic’s expertise in ballast technology is helping Port 2000 to achieve high levels of safety and reliability.

Project Data
Owner: Port 2000, Le Havre (F)
Lighting planning: Thorn Lighting 
Used equipment: