LED driver LC 20-85W 0-10V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV: the multi-talented driver

With NFC interface and an extremely wide dimming range

Available for the North American market, the dimmable LED driver can be combined with sensors and basicDIM Wireless (Casambi Ready) modules by using its 24 V auxiliary outlet.

Driver LC 50W 350–1050mA 0-10V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV

High level of flexibility for a wide variety of applications

With four different dimming options creating an impressively wide dimming range, this multi-talented driver can take on almost any task. Adding to the high level of flexibility, the output currents are available from 200 to 2,200 mA and the adjustable dimming curves include linear and logarithmic to soft linear and square dimming. Equipped with the innovative NFC interface, the LED driver is compatible with Tridonic’s companionSUITE software collection, which enables the programming of entire packing units of up to 10 drivers in a single process step.

Product pages:
LC 20 W 200–650 mA 0-10 V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV
LC 35 W 350–900 mA 0-10V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV
LC 50 W 350–1050 mA 0-10V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV
LC 75 W 900–1800 mA 0-10V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV
LC 85 W 1200–2200 mA 0-10V NFC AUX lp EXC2 UNV