excite Drivers now available in compact shape

Programmable Drivers for Retail & Hospitality Applications

With the new universal voltage driver LC 35/50 W Compact excite UNV (UL approved), Tridonic is expanding its portfolio for the North American market.

LC 35 W 150-700 mA 54 V 0-10 V C EXC UNV

Featuring a 0–10 V dimming range from 1 to 100 percent and two selectable dimming curves, the Class II driver is the perfect solution for recessed luminaires in sales rooms and hotels. The output currents can be adjusted in small increments via the ready2mains programmer or I-SELECT 2 plug, thereby enabling a high degree of flexibility.

Product pages:
LC 35W 150–700mA 54V 0-10V C EXC UNV
LC 50W 350–1050mA 54V 0-10V C EXC UNV