New Outdoor Drivers include overvoltage protection

For IP67 Industry Luminaires

In addition to the existing indoor driver portfolio Tridonic now offers a specially developed and UL certified compact outdoor driver range.

Driver LCO 25 W 500 mA C ADV UNV

The tried-and-tested Tridonic values, such as protection against high temperatures or overvoltage up to 4 kV are included. Additionally a large range of wattages from 25 W to 120 W are available. The low flicker value < 5 percent provides a high quality of outdoor lighting. These constant current drivers offer dimming function via with 0-10 V interface.

Product pages:
LCO 25W 350/500/700/1050/1400mA 0-10V C ADV UNV
LCO 40W 700/1000/1400mA 0-10V C ADV UNV
LCO 50W 700/1050/1250/1400/2100mA 0-10V C ADV UNV
LCO 75W 350/700/1050/1560/1790/2080mA 0-10V C ADV UNV
LCO 96W 700/1050/1400/2000/2670mA 0-10V C ADV UNV
LCO 120W 700/1050/1400/2100mA 0-10V C ADV UNV