New programmable LED Drivers in excite Series

Flexibility Low Profile Drivers for Applications Office, Educational, Healthcare and Institutional Facility

The new excite low profile drivers for the North American market are designed for linear and recessed luminaires in general illumination, area and accent lighting and include 35 W, 50 W and 75 W power offerings.

LC 35 W 150-700 mA 54 V 0-10 V lp EXC UNV

These new drivers are Class 2, UL Class P listed and are 0-10 V dimmable – especially suited to applications requiring deep dimming. The drive current of these constant current drivers may be adjusted with the use of a ready2mains Programmer or with I-SELECT 2 plugs for greater programming flexibility. Tridonic’s ready2mains Programmer allows luminaire manufacturers to tune their required drive currents in 1 mA steps, program linear or logarithmic dimming curves and lock out future changes from unauthorized users.

Tridonic’s world class designs allow up to 90 percent efficiency, higher ambient temperature operation and have industry leading lifetimes up to 100,000 hours. All backed by a 5-year product and performance guarantee. These drivers are commercially available world-wide. When combined with Tridonic’s high-quality SLE, LLE or QLE modules OEMs may easily design premium class luminaires with the highest assurance in quality and performance.

Product pages:
LC 35 W 150-700 mA 54 V 0-10 V lp EXC UNV
LC 50 W 350-1050 mA 54 V 0-10 V lp EXC UNV
LC 75 W 900-1800 mA 54 V 0-10 V lp EXC UNV