Loacker Moccaria

Location: Brennero/Italy
Products: , TALEXXmodule EOS P211

Italian bar, pasticceria, coffee shop and shop – the “Loacker Moccaria” is all these rolled into one. With seating for 195 people the café bar of the South Tyrolean family firm of Loacker, performs a central role in the food court of the “Designer Outlet Brennero” ( DOB ). TALEXXeos provides the mood lighting that compresses an entire day in the Dolomites to the average time it takes to drink an espresso.

What really catches the eye is the panoramic image of Dolomites featuring Mount Schlern on the back wall of the “Loacker Moccaria”. The special feature of the 9.6 m wide and 2.7 m high motif is that it is constantly changing. During the average “Italian espresso drinking time” of around twelve minutes an entire “day” unfolds on the backdrop with different sky colours, different light levels and the famous evening “Dolomite glow”.

Hidden in the suspended ceiling in front of the Schlern relief are eight narrow special luminaire housings each equipped with 23 dimmable high-power TALEXXeos P211 LEDs from Tridonic with TALEXX lens O211 spot lenses and refractor plates.

The 23 spots in daylight white, neutral white, warm white, amber, red and blue can be individually adjusted and aligned precisely on the image. The interplay between the twelve coloured lighting channels are handled perfectly by a stand-alone controller based on the DMX protocol. This ensures smooth transitions with individual timing and customisable freely programmable scenes.

A template for the future

This display has been produced by Korona Leuchten and is designed to be reproducible so it can provide a template for other such installations. The mountain range so beautifully lit with TALEXXeos P211 has been creating excitement, first in Verona since October 2008 and now in the Heinfels Loacker works since July 2009. The fascination of the Dolomites is now being taken round the world thanks to the power of LEDs.

Project Data
Lighting design: Korona Leuchten GmbH
Used equipment: