Location: Berlin/Germany
Products: , OMBIS 70, ZRM 2.5-ES/C

Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin is famous way beyond the city boundaries. One of the characteristic features is the set of 215 street lights designed by Richard Paulick in the 1950s. And they are equipped with state-of-the-art Tridonic components for maximum energy efficiency.

The street lighting is a protected historic monument but its 50-year old fabric had fallen into disrepair and had to be renewed. 205 two-lamp street lights and ten four-lamp street lights were removed from a stretch of 2.3 kilometres and replaced by new luminaires. The new street lights are ten metres tall, exactly the same as their predecessors. And they are accurate reproductions in every other detail.

Efficient lamp technology saves energy

The original light fittings were equipped with 4x250 W mercury vapour lamps. The new versions are each fitted with four energy-efficient 70 W metal halide lamps and comply with Protection Class II.

Tridonic ballasts OMBIS 70 with double insulation and Tridonic ZRM 2.5-ES/C ignitors ensure that the lamps are operated in accordance with their specifications. The OM series of Tridonic ballasts offer extremely low intrinsic power consumption and are compact in design because of the high-quality insulation inside the core, resulting in a high level of efficiency. Combined with the switch to metal halide lamps, energy consumption for the lighting in the boulevard has been reduced by around 70 %.

Same appearance but now fit for the future

The chosen solution has retained the appearance of the boulevard. At the same time, construction costs were kept to a minimum and energy efficiency increased thanks to the use of Tridonic ballasts for HID lamps.

Project Data
Contractor: Administration for City Development, Berlin (D) /
Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district authorities (D)
Luminaire manufacturer: Hellux Construktions-Licht GmbH, Berlin (D)
Mast manufacturer: Pfleiderer Europoles GmbH + Co. KG, Neumarkt (D)
Used equipment: