Jiangsu Art Gallery

Location: Nanjing/China
Products: , winDIM@net

Innovative lighting controls at Jiangsu Art Gallery Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China are saving energy while also helping to preserve the exhibits and enhance the visitor experience. Integral to the control strategy are a range of Tridonic products including x-touchPANEL, winDIM@net and PCA ECO ballasts.

Tridonic's innovation on display

Jiangsu Art Gallery is the largest gallery in Jiangsu Province, presenting some of the best traditional and contemporary art pieces of China. It hosts rotating shows of paintings, drawings and photographs, mostly from local artists; creating a situation where the lighting requirements change on a regular basis. The ability to change the lighting quickly and easily without specialist input was therefore a vital consideration in the design.

In upgrading the lighting the gallery's owners were also keen to include a high level of sustainability with low energy consumption and cost of ownership, while also ensuring the lighting complements the works of art being displayed.

The lighting management system is based on a DALI protocol accessed through a Tridonic x-touchPANEL, which enables staff to access six different lighting scenes. The scenes can be set to suit each display of art, or to accommodate different events being hosted at the gallery.

The general lighting uses T5 fluorescent lighting controlled by PCA ECO ballasts, supplemented by halogen lighting which illuminates the exhibits. The halogen lighting is controlled via TE one4all digital dimming transformers linked to MSensors. These are configured to dim the halogen lighting to 10 % of its full output when no visitors are close, ramping up to 80 % light output as an approaching visitor is detected by the MSensor. In this way the exhibits are protected from being bathed in high intensity light all of the time, while also saving energy.

Further energy savings are achieved by the CELMA A1 classification of the PCA ballasts, which ensures that ballast energy losses are minimal. The ballasts also feature Intelligent Voltage Guard and Intelligent Temperature Guard to ensure the integrity and long life of the ballasts. In addition, the intelligent design of the ballasts helps to extend the life of the lamps, reducing the maintenance costs for the gallery.

All of the lighting is monitored through a winDIM@net system, which enables gallery building management staff to monitor the performance of individual luminaires and identify errors. The winDIM@net system also enables the entire lighting installation to be managed from a central location, so that any re-configuration of lighting as exhibits change can be implemented quickly and easily.

In exploiting the flexibility of Tridonic products, the gallery and its visitors are now enjoying the benefits of a versatile lighting system that meets their changing needs while also contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Project Data
Client: Jiangsu Province Culture Bureau
Architect: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten (D)
Lighting design: Nanjing Constec Co. Ltd
Lighting concept / planning: Nanjing KINGDOM Architecture Design Co. Ltd
Used equipment: