Location: Guangzhou/China
Products: , PCI TEC C011

Around 300 PCI TEC ballasts are helping fashion retailer Jeanswest enhance its brand image in the company’s Chinese flagship store in Guangzhou city.

The company recognises that lighting plays a key role in creating and maintaining its look and feel, so lighting design was a priority at the Guangzhou store.

To that end most of the lighting in the store uses ceramic metal halide light sources to exploit the rich colour rendering and powerful lumen output. In this way the lighting shows the merchandise at its best and draws the eyes of shoppers to the key displays within the store.

To ensure that the ceramic metal halide lamps operate with maximum efficiency and reliability, PCI TEC ballasts were installed which have been specially designed for use with ceramic and quartz lamps.

PCI TEC for the brand image

The advanced technology of PCI TEC maintains constant power to ensure consistent colour stability across all of the lighting – an important consideration for metal halide light sources which can vary in colour if power is allowed to fluctuate. Various safety features protect them against excessive heat, voltage and short-circuits.

Following the success of the Guangzhou flagship store, Tridonic is now a key component supplier for Jeanswest in China and will be supplying ballasts for the 80-100 new stores that the company expects to open in the next one to two years.