Holiday Inn Express

Location: Paris/France
Products: , TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXXstrip D114 RGB

“The Express By Holiday Inn Paris Canal de la Villette” is a hotel that can be seen for miles around thanks to its colourful façade lighting. Located in the centre of the French capital, this three-star hotel is ideal for both business travellers and tourists.

To draw attention to Paris’ first Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Cofitem-Cofimur, promoter of the hotel building, wanted to highlight not just the logo with daylight white TALEXXchain P511 LED modules from Tridonic but also the façade design.The six-storey building has terraces that act as a green oasis in the middle of Paris. It was to be lit up at night with coloured light. Four different lighting scenarios were created for the front and back of the hotel, with uniform coloured light being used for the other two sides.

Focus on facades

The lighting system comprises “le Cooper” wallwash luminaires by the Parisian luminaire manufacturer Secante – a Tridonic partner in France. The luminaires are equipped with three TALEXXeos P211-2 LED modules in red, green and blue and TALEXXeos P211-2 in amber. Operated on a constant current of 700 mA, these LED modules achieve exceptionally high lumen values to bathe the façade in vibrant colours. The lengths of the luminaires have been selected to fit perfectly with the contours of the façade. Low down on the north and south sides 2.9 m long luminaires are used, each equipped with either RGB groups of TALEXXeos P211-2 light points. Higher up, the luminaires are equipped with two RGB groups and have a length of 0.8 m. A total of 70 RGB luminaires with extremely low wattages of 57 W and 14 W are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) and a DMX 512 system to create the programmed colour effects.

The 40 luminaires with TALEXXeos P211-2 LED modules in amber illuminate the east and west sides of the “Express By Holiday Inn” with a warm monochromatic light.

A stimulating atmosphere

LED modules from Tridonic are also used to great effect inside the hotel. A metal louvre blind that separates the restaurant and bar is lit with TALEXXeos P211-2 modules in daylight white.

The bar is clad in “Elite” PMMA panels from Altuglas into which the light from TALEXXstrip D114 RGB LED modules is injected. RGB colour mixing is used to create subtle new shades and change the atmosphere in the bar. The back wall of the bar provides yet another lighting effect. It is designed as a diffuser panel and backlit by day-light white TALEXXchain P511 LED chains to make the bottles on the glass shelving glisten and sparkle. A whole range of stimulating lighting moods can be easily configured and selected with the aid of the x-touchBOX from Tridonic so the room can instantly take on a different appearance.

LED lighting systems are also used in the rooms to create a pleasant atmosphere. TALEXXchain P511 modules are installed at the head of the bed to give a flattering warm white light. The creative lighting designs based on LED modules from Tridonic exert a fascinating charm on guests and passers-by at “The Express By Holiday Inn Paris Canal de la Villette”. Harry Ganeshvel from Cofitem-Cofimur is very impressed by the low installation costs and low energy consumption.

Project Data
Owner: Cofitem-Cofimur 
Lighting Concept: Secante, Paris
France Éclairage Distribution (FED) 
Used equipment: