Browser support

We recommend you use a current browser to ensure that all the pages are displayed correctly. Old browsers may limit the functions available and may restrict what is displayed. To enjoy the full functionality of all the pages you should activate JavaScript.

If you have any problems or queries regarding our website please contact us using the form provided. For display problems please tell us the link to the relevant page and the version of the browser you are using.

Additional software

Some of our pages contain documents that can only be used with the aid of additional software. The following table shows further information and links to suppliers where you can download the appropriate software (generally free of charge).

Software Description
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Software for displaying and printing documents in Portable Document Format (PDF). 

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

7-Zip or WinZip 

These programs are used for compressing and archiving files and directories.  

Download 7-Zip (free of charge)
Download WinZip

Meanings of the icons

Icon Description

Add page to Favourites
This icon is available only in Internet Explorer. This is the quick way to add frequently used websites to your favourites.

Retrieve messages in RSS format
RSS is a message exchange standard. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is used to provide content, particularly news, from websites in machine-readable form.

An RSS file consists only of the "content", in other words the actual text of a page without the design and layout elements. An RSS file can therefore be read on any platform.

Offerings in RSS format are also called news feeds or RSS feeds.

Here you can find more information on RSS.

Email the link to the current page
If you want to draw someone's attention to one of our web pages you can use this function to send an email containing the link to the page you are currently viewing.

Print current page
This prints out the contents of the current page. The side columns are not printed.

Adjust text size
You can resize the text in several stages. This setting then applies to all the pages. For the setting to be saved you must allow cookies on our pages.
If necessary you can also control the display size from your browser (zoom function or text resize setting in the browser).

Keyboard shortcuts!

We have designed our web pages so you can easily navigate them using your keyboard. The following table shows the most important keyboard shortcuts that are available on each page.

Note: In your browser you may have to hold down the Shift key when you press the Alt key.

Keyboard shortcut Description
Tab Jump to next link
Shift+Tab  Jump back to previous link
Alt S Activate search field
Alt L Activate language menu
Alt J Activate quick selection (jump to...)
Alt T Activate link to start page (logo)
Alt 1 Jump to navigation
Alt 2 Jump to page content
Alt F Add page to favourites (only in Internet Explorer)
Alt R RSS feeds
Alt M Forward page by email
Alt P Print page
Alt + Larger font
Alt - Smaller font
Arrow key left Previous image (in Lightbox)
Arrow key right Next image (in Lightbox)
ESC Exit image viewer (in Lightbox)