Helix Bridge

Location: Singapore
Products: , TALEXXconverter K220, TALEXXengine, TALEXXchain STANDARD

LED lighting from Tridonic is helping to enhance the visual impact of the Helix Bridge. Previously known as the “Double Helix Bridge”, the Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina Centre with Marina South, linking cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities in the area and complementing the overall pedestrian scheme of the Marina Bay.

At the entrance to the bridge is a gallery of children’s paintings and adjacent to this area are bee-hive shaped structures mounted on the ground. This unique nighttime lighting design incorporates Tridonic TALEXXchain D511 RGB LED lighting chains and TALEXXconverter 0025 K220 120-240/12 V 25 VA with constant voltage supplied through Tridonic’s local sales partner Illuminate Enterprise. Using the TALEXX LED lighting, these are programmed to change colour at regular intervals in a sequential pattern.

The TALEXX RGB chains proved ideal for this purpose because of the broad spectrum of colours that can be produced by the RGB LEDs through the selective control of red, green and blue. They also exploit the benefits of Tridonic’s advanced chip-on-board technology (COB). They are quick and easy to install, helping to reduce the time required on site.

In addition, at the base of the bridge is a stainless steel panel that explains the structure and formation of the bridge and is illuminated by TALEXXengine LEDs forming a frame at two sides of the panel. The slim and compact design of the TALEXXengine LEDs ensured that the lighting was discreet while providing highly effective illumination.

Besides providing a spectacular lighting scheme that wholly complements the unique structure of the bridge, the lighting has been designed to provide low cost of ownership through both, reduced energy consumption and maintenance requirements. The long life of the TALEXX LEDs means that the light sources will not need to be replaced for many years.