Dubai Mall

Location: Dubai City/UAE
Products: , TALEXXchain STANDARD

A wide range of Tridonic products supplied to the Dubai Mall have helped to create one of the most sophisticated lighting designs in the region.

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the Middle East, with over 1,000 stores and restaurants. It is also the first major project in the United Arabian Emirates to use a full concept lighting design.

High intensity discharge (HID) lighting in public areas of the Mall uses Tridonic PCI electronic ballasts. At the heart of these ballasts is the Tridonic xitec processor, which delivers a wide variety of functions and reduces potential sources of error to a minimum. PCI ballasts are also easy to install and fully compatible with DSI and DALI control. Additional versatility comes from the ability of these ballasts to operate two lamps from a single ballast, and to cater for two wattages from the same device.

Signage at the Mall also makes use of Tridonic TALEXX LED lighting, meeting the exact requirements of major international brands such as Cartier and Starbucks. TALEXX LEDs provide exceptionally constant light colour, along with high efficiency, balanced light distribution and a robust design for long, maintenancefree life.

HID lighting in the Mall is supplemented with low voltage halogen light sources for feature and accent lighting, using a combination of Tridonic Possum and speedy® transformers.

Each compact speedy® transformer can be connected to up to four low voltage halogen lamps, offering stepless dimming to enable the lighting to be adjusted to suit different requirements and to save energy when higher light levels are not required. Possum transformers also offer significant energy savings.

The combination of Tridonic products used for this groundbreaking project, has delivered high levels of energy efficiency while ensuring that the lighting enriches the visitor experience.