Crown Towers

Location: Canberra/Australia
Products: , TALEXXchain P511, TALEXXplate Z161, TALEXXconverter K240

For almost 15 years, Crown Towers has been leading the way in luxury hotel accommodation in Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The name Crown is renowned worldwide for impeccable customer service, attention to detail and for the hotel’s lavish opulence.

Of the 449 rooms in the complex, 242 received a complete refurbishment with a design that included feature enhancing LED lighting. Lightmoves in Melbourne supplied the custom-made 3,000 K warm white LED TALEXXchain P511 from Tridonic that were used to light the bed heads, underneath the bedside tables, around the bathroom mirrors and the bathroom alcoves.

The TALEXXchain P511 were produced in this particular colour temperature, and in unique module configurations to suit the tight design parameters imposed by the architects. The TALEXXchain P511 are controlled by Tridonic’s TALEXXconverter K240 12 V power supplies along with Tridonic TALEXXcontrol C001 PWM dimmers.

Over 3.4 kilometres of TALEXXchain P511 were supplied throughout this project. Given the large quantities of LED modules required in this project, Lightmoves’ Joe Casamento and Tridonic’s Oliver Workman teamed together to customise a TALEXXchain P511 that ticked all the boxes. A custom aluminium extrusion was made specifically for the project to allow the chain to easily be mounted in the difficult to access coves and bed heads, whilst still allowing the electrical contractor to install the units into the timber joinery using TALEXXplate Z161 mounting clips.

At Tridonic we are always keen to create individual solutions to meet special requirements.

Project Data
Owner: Crown Towers
Interior & Lighting design: Vision Design and Crown Design
Electrical consultant: Lincolne Scott
Electrical contractor: Nuvo Electrical
Luminaire supplier: Lightmoves
Used equipment: