What are the opportunities?

Lighting is everywhere

What are the opportunities?


Connected lighting introduces new opportunities in diverse lighting areas

Light is needed wherever people come together, from home and work to public places. Fulfilling a huge number of different tasks, light is therefore of central importance for human beings.


Smart building

Integrated systems consisting of hardware and software applications automatically control operations like heating, air conditioning or lighting. Connecting the different areas of a building they provide a comfortable way of data collection. Besides significant operational savings, low maintenance costs and safety benefits, smart connected lighting creates high levels of operational and facility efficiencies.

Smart city

The concept combines multiple information and communication technology and Internet of things solutions to increase the efficiency and quality of life in urban environments. By the use of sensors an all accessible cloud is permanently supplied with variable data. The analysis of the gathered knowledge delivers a detailled overview of current processes and need for improvement especially regarding maintenance control.

Smart industry

Smart connected lighting systems turn factories into smart factories. By offering valuable new insights on how industrial facilities are used and how they gain in productivity and efficiency, connected lighting helps to improve the overall plant intelligence. In addition to significant energy savings and low maintenance costs, industrial settings benefit from improved operational efficiency.

Smart commerce

Smart connected lighting improves overall retail intelligence. It enhances the customer buying experience whilst providing retailers with invaluable data on customer behaviour and preferences. Ultimately, it enables them to redefine customer service and distinguish themselves from competitors.



Connected lighting simplifies life through:

Space management

Track building user behaviour and presence in buildings

Remote monitoring

Monitor the performance of the lighting infrastructure

Predictive maintenance

With the aid of remote monitoring via a lighting-based infrastructure it is possible to adopt a system of predictive maintenance.

People tracking

Track costumer's shopping behaviour and presence in stores.

Asset tracking

Lighting can help locate equipment and raw materials, key personnel such as the head of production quickly and easily in a large factory complex. Transport routes can also be automated this way.

Indoor navigation

Easily guide user to selected area via the user’s mobile device.

Dynamic lighting

Optimised street lighting in line with traffic and weather conditions.

Advanced parking

Lighting infrastructure used to guide drivers to free parking spaces.

Energy monitoring

Allows detailed data management and analysis regarding light consumption in different areas.

Target groups#target-groups


Connected lighting effects and touches more stakeholder than previously

Property developers

Smart connected lighting allows management of more than just one building, providing accessibility to different locations wherever you are, all over the world.

M+E consultants

Imagine if all trades such as heating, ventilation and air quality could share the same network. Imagine if all devices could talk to each other via the IP. This data can be directly accessed for building automation and services beyond lighting.

Luminaire manufacturers

If you integrate Tridonic’s smart connected lighting solution into your luminaire you create the opportunity to also have other IoT devices within your new smart luminaire.

System integrators

Creating a digital connected ceiling creates interoperability between systems and devices that goes beyond lighting and provides easy integration to Building Management Systems.

End users

And finally the end user who gains the most benefit from the added services and that his system is IoT ready for the future.