What do experts say?

Smart Lighting is a matter of scientific interest

What do experts say?


Connected lighting concerns experts all over the world

In this area we provide a collection of articles and documents dealing with the scientific aspects and advantages of smart lighting solution. Check out our expert voices and download the papers.

Special articles & white papersSpecial articles & white papers#articles

Article: Common sensors for ingenious applications

Almost every branch is talking about the Internet of Things and experimenting how this industrial revolution could benefit their business. The key to this is having the right sensors in place that collect useful data and a system analysing this data to provide valuable information.

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Standards / Alliances / ConsortiaStandards / Alliances / Consortia#standards


Contributor at Thread Group

Target: standardization of connectivity between wireless smart devices

Project partner of openAIS

European funded project for the development of an IP based lighting system

Regular member of Fairhair Alliance

Target: Facilitating the iInternet of Things for buildings

Further standards bodies considered and embraced by Tridonic: