Location: Canberra/Australia
Products: , SMART LS II

Energy efficiency is the number one priority in the “Centraplaza“, a five-star greenhouse building in Canberra. Intelligent DALI lighting control components from Tridonic are making an impressive contribution.

The Centraplaza features one of the world’s most advanced DALI projects. A total of 36 networked DALI controllers from the Australian company Monitor Software help provide proper lighting levels to enable the employees to work efficiently while at the same time ensuring energy-efficient operation of the lighting system. Ambient brightness is measured by SMART LS II light sensors from Tridonic connected directly to dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all control gear in the luminaires near the windows. This arrangements means that no additional controllers are needed. The intelligent software uses these measurements to control the amount of artificial light to be added.

Never in the dark

In addition, 400 presence sensors with DALI interfaces are used to detect the presence of people in the different areas. If there is no one present the light is switched off in the relevant zones. The luminaires, which are distributed via 72 DALI lines, are equipped with intelligent lighting control components from Tridonic, i.e. with digital dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all control gear, digital dimmable TE one4all transformers and leading-edge or trailing-edge DALI-PCD 300 one4all phase dimmers, and combined into groups.

Links between the lighting groups in the office zones and the luminaires in the associated walkways ensures that there is always enough light whenever people are in these zones.

The combination of daylight-dependent lighting and presence control means that the lighting system is operated with optimum energy efficiency. Operating and maintenance costs are therefore reduced considerably. Other attributes of the DALI controllers such as calendar controlled operations offer further energy savings. They are especially useful, for example, in office buildings. On weekdays a particular lighting scene will be called up at the start of the working day. At the end of the day a different scene will be chosen for overnight. At weekends yet another procedure can be selected. There is an integrated real-time clock which automatically adjusts to the right time, can handle leap years and has an astronomical program with sunrise and sunset times so all the programmed sequences are performed at the correct time, year in year out.

DALI devices prove their worth

The lighting levels conform at all times to Australian standard AS1680. The software automatically adjusts the luminous flux to offset the ageing process of the lamp. Zone controllers are used to network all the DALI lines in the building so that DALI functionality can be used for central supervision of the lighting system (control, monitoring and evaluation). The software reports all the status information from the control gear, such as lamp failures, current dimming values and failure of hardware components. This greatly simplifies maintenance work. In addition, error messages are immediately sent by e-mail to the relevant facility manager.

The EM PRO emergency lighting units integrated in the DALI system enable easy monitoring of the emergency lighting system. The DALI controllers automatically monitor all the emergency lighting equipment. Anti-glare systems and other such elements in the conference rooms are linked to the DALI system. These elements can be easily controlled via LCD touch panels so there is no need for any additional audio/video control system.

The use of natural daylight, supplemented by the appropriate amount of artificial light will enable Centraplaza to retain its status as a Five-Star Greenhouse Building. The DALI system with intelligent lighting control components from Tridonic will ensure energy-efficient operation of the lighting system and impressive sustainability.

Project Data
Owner: FaHCSIA
Architect: HBO + EMBT, Canberra
Lighting engineer: Northrop Consulting Engineers, Canberra
Lighting manufacture: Australume Pty Ltd
Lighting installer and comissioning: Martin Donnelly
Used equipment: