Burj Khalifa

Location: Dubai City/UAE
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain P511

The spectacular Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai, the world’s tallest building, is using a wide range of products from Tridonic.

Burj Khalifa comprises a hotel, offices and residential accommodation, all constructed in compliance with Dubai’s Green Building Code to ensure a high level of sustainability. Tridonic products have played a key role in achieving this. For example, LED modules TALEXXchain P511 and TALEXXconverter have been used for signage throughout, as well as on the viewing platform at the top of the hotel, to ensure reliable, low maintenance lighting with low energy consumption.

Within the Armani Hotel, extensive use has been made of low voltage lighting, and to ensure maximum efficiency this has been combined with Tridonic Possum transformers.

In offices and corridors a range of Tridonic PC fixed output electronic ballasts have been used. These feature the innovative Intelligent Voltage Guard, which constantly monitors the mains voltage to the control gear to protect it against possible damage due to over or under-voltage.

The grounds of the Burj Khalifa cover an area of 11 ha and much of the exterior lighting has been fitted with magnetic ballasts from Tridonic. These include OGS 250 & OGS 400 large magnetic ballasts controlling 250 and 400 W street lamps for paths around the area of the building, lighting the roads and entrance areas of the building. Lighting in the service area uses EC magnetic ballasts, with impedance matched to the lamp type.

Through its use of various Tridonic products, the Burj Khalifa clearly demonstrates that energy efficiency and low cost of ownership can be combined with high performance lighting that adds real value to both, interior and exterior environments.

Project Data
Owner: Emaar
Architects: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Lighting design: various
Used equipment: LED Drivers
TALEXXchain P511