Vallentuna Culture House

Location: Vallentuna/Sweden
Products: LED Drivers, winDIM@net

There are many different lightsources and luminaires in the new cultural centre of the swedish town Vallentuna near Stockholm. But the complete lighting is controlled through a DALI network. Hardware fort his solution has been supplied by Wennerström Ljuskontroll. As Tridonic partner in Sweden, Finland and baltic countries they consequently focus on Tridonic’s control gear and DALI components.

Comprehensive lighting control

The new Vallentuna Culture House/Library at the centre of Vallentuna, near Stockholm is using a range of Tridonic products to control diverse light sources.

The circular, three-storey building uses a variety of luminaire types and light sources, so that establishing central control of all of the lighting required a comprehensive control strategy using an advanced lighting management system. Overall, the lighting is controlled through a DALI network, using DALI DSI converters where luminaires are controlled in zones to minimise the total number of DALI addresses on the system. This arrangement also facilitates maintenance when a ballast needs to be replaced.

Energy saving with flexible lighting control

Tridonic PCA EXCEL ballasts are used to control the fluorescent lighting, while DALI phasecutdimmers are used to dim halogen lighting and DALI relays are used for on/off switching of metal halide lamps. Central control and monitoring is established through the winDIM@net. All DALI circuits are linked to an IP-based network and can be easily monitored.

The winDIM@net system ensures all light sources are automatically set for night scenes or welcome scenes, as well as controlling daylight compensation and occupancy control throughout the building.

In addition, winDIM@net provides a central overview of the lighting system to monitor lamp condition – as well as providing energy consumption data and error messages. Lighting can also be controlled floor-by-floor through an x-touchPANEL on each floor using pre-set scenes.

In all, over 800 Tridonic products have been used to give the Culture House a dynamic and versatile lighting system that is able to respond to and enhance the diverse activities that take place within the building. This comprehensive approach to lighting management also reduces energy consumption and environmental impact through daylight linking and occupancy control. Furthermore, maintenance costs are minimised by the central control so that staff do not need to patrol the building to inspect the system. The winDIM@net system ensures that this is all achieved very easily from a central location.