In use: New TALEXXconverter ECO series

Dula headquarters

Location: Dortmund/Germany
Products: TALEXXmodule QLE

Dula, the shopfitting specialists, has renovated its headquarters in such a way to make it a prime example of energy conservation. The 40-year old building has been completely modernised and equipped with LED systems from Tridonic.

The complex lighting requirements were met by LED light engines from the Tridonic range. The portfolio offers tailor-made LED systems for an extremely wide variety of luminaire functions and designs. At Dula they are used to illuminate offices, conference rooms, corridors and stairwells.

Uniform LED light for the offices

TALEXXmodule STARK QLE was chosen for the conference rooms and offices. Litec-Leuchten in Bochum, the company commissioned by Dula to manufacture the luminaires, has integrated the rectangular LED modules in panel luminaires with micro-prismatic covers. The extremely low-profile luminaire design visibly benefits from the clever technical design of the LED light sources. The modules are self-cooling so they do not need any external heat sinks, which means that the luminaires can be made slim and elegant. Narrow tolerances in terms of luminous flux and light colour ensure that even if there is a combination of modules in a luminaire the light will still be uniform.

Another advantage is that Tridonic supplies the LED modules complete with appropriate control gear. This saves time selecting components and guarantees a system that is perfectly matched. TALEXXmodule STARK QLE was combined with the dimmable converters from the new TALEXXconverter ECO series for the panel luminaires at Dula. They guarantee interference-free control via DSI, switchDIM or DALI and can be seamlessly incorporated in presence and daylight-dependent DALI lighting control.

The complete switchover to LED lighting has accounted for a considerable proportion of the huge energy savings made throughout the building.