BAUR Versand warehouse

Location: Burgkunstadt/Germany

The BAUR Versand warehouse has 450 aisles each 37 metres long. This area is perfectly illuminated by strip lighting from Regiolux equipped with dimmable Tridonic PCA EXCEL one4all ballasts.

Photo: Frank Freihofer for Regiolux

BAUR required a lighting system that provided high brightness despite different access frequencies. At the same time energy costs had to be reduced. Dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all ballasts meet these requirements perfectly. After presence has been detected the lighting is activated for five minutes. The corridorFUNCTION then slowly dims the light and, in the case of BAUR, operates the lighting in economy mode for half an hour before switching the lighting off. This control profile can be individually programmed.

In addition to energy savings, this prolongs the life of the lamps and ballasts thanks to a reduction in operating time. PCA can be easily integrated into the system without the need for external components. BAUR has been able to register energy savings of around 36 % and investment costs will be offset within one and a half years.

More information on PCA EXCEL one4all is available here:
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