ZERO NERO fitness club

Fit with connecDIM

Location: Anzano Del Parco – Como/Italy
Products: LED flexible, SLE LED modules, LED Drivers

The ZERO NERO fitness club in Como, northern Italy, offers its guests a pleasant atmosphere with the right lighting scenes for all rooms. The operator benefits from flexible lighting management options via the cloud with connecDIM from Tridonic.

Holistic solution

FastLed performed the light planning for the various requirements in reception, in the open space with the sports equipment, the teaching studios and the spa and beauty area, and implemented the lighting concept. All those involved were convinced that the offer from Tridonic was the optimum holistic solution. 

The DLE and SLE LED modules are used in downlights and spotlights and stand out for their high module and system efficiency along with colour consistency. LLE FLEX flexible LED continuous rows ensure maximum light homogeneity in the linear luminaires. The modules are operated with DALI LED drivers. All connected DALI devices are controlled in a decentralised way via a connecDIM Gateway. The required lighting scenes throughout the fitness club were programmed by FastLed itself. Individual adjustments can easily be made at any time, from anywhere, via the cloud. Also the EM converterLED emergency lighting units can be checked regularly this way.