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Tunable White for budding interior designers

Location: Lucerne/Switzerland

“Tunable White? – we’ve already got it!” That’s the proud boast of the Lucerne School of Engineering & Architecture. There were several good reasons why the School became an early adopter of the new lighting technology. Luminaires equipped with LLE PRE KIT tunable white systems from Tridonic and a connecDIM lighting control system have been installed in the School’s Interior Design Studio. As a result, the colour temperatures and illuminance levels can now be varied with the aid of an app.

High quality of light thanks to precalibrated LED kits

The studio building for the interior design students at the University of Lucerne is benefiting from state-of-the-art lighting. Thanks to LLE 24 x 280 mm PRE KIT tunable white systems from Tridonic, the light colour and luminous flux of the pendant luminaires under the wooden ceiling can be smoothly adjusted at any time or they can change gradually and automatically throughout the day in a preprogrammed sequence that can be activated at the touch of a button on a smartphone app.

The LED light engines with tunable white functionality enable the colour temperature to be varied between 3,000 and 6,000 K at constant luminous flux. The kits are precalibrated at the factory to ensure high quality of light and colour consistency. They comprise an LED driver (DALI Device Type 8) and four or five tunable white LED modules.

Bathed in tunable white light, the budding interior designers at the University of Lucerne learn everything about the interplay between colour, texture and different light spectrums in a highly practical environment. They also investigate the effects of human centric lighting. A central issue is how to enhance the well-being of the users of the studio with dynamic light spectrums and illuminance levels.

Project Data
Client: University of Lucerne
Project: Interior Design Studio, Lucerne School of Engineering & Architecture
Lighting design: Björn Schrader and Anina Bigler, both from the University of Lucerne
Luminaires: MOOS licht ag, Lucerne
Photos: Thomas Mayer
Used equipment:
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