Tailor-made lighting gives atrium a wow factor

Location: Paderborn/Germany
Products: Modules LLE

Rings of LED light give the atrium at the headquarters of dSPACE in Paderborn a brilliant new look. The solution developed by luminaire manufacturer Erventec in close collaboration with Tridonic creates excellent visibility on the galleries and provides an impressive architectural highlight.

In addition to a staircase and two glass elevators, the atrium of the dSPACE headquarters in Paderborn features galleries leading to the offices. These transition areas are lit by lighting channels which delineate the curved run of the gallery edge above.
The fluorescent tubes previously installed in the ceiling channels have been replaced by luminaires with LED light sources behind a diffuser. They provide standard-compliant light on the galleries and in the zones leading to the office wings. As well as effectively enhancing the architecture, they also function as emergency lighting.
At the heart of the new lighting rings are two different linear LED modules and dimmable LED drivers from Tridonic. The LED modules are arranged so they produce a combination of light emitted downward and sideways. Since no two ellipses were exactly the same a high level of precision was needed. All the time and trouble was well worth it. The new LED lighting system consumes only half as much energy as the old system and has a life of 50,000 hours.


Project Data
Project: Atrium at dSPACE GmbH headquarters, Paderborn 
Client: dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn 
Architecture: Matern Architects, Paderborn 
Planning, luminaire development + electrical installation: Erventec GmbH & Co. KG, Lüdenscheid
Used equipment: Modules LLE