Abu Dhabi International Airport

Location: Abu Dhabi/UAE
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC

Refurbishment of lighting at Abu Dhabi International Airport has included extensive use of Tridonic TALEXXchain LED fixtures for cove lighting, reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and carbon emissions.

Operated by Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest in the United Arab Emirates with over 9 million passengers per annum. In January 2009 it was the first airport in the Middle East to receive regulatory approval for enhanced low visibility operations. This classification (CAT III B), allows for aircraft to land safely and manoeuvre in low visibility conditions. ADAC is committed to developing a sustainable future in aviation and has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This includes minimising environmental impact through energy consumption and using low energy lighting solutions forms a key part of this strategy.

Consequently, when the decision was made to refurbish the lighting, particular attention was paid to those areas where lighting is on for most of the time. These areas included the cove lighting that is found in many parts of the airport buildings. Working closely with Al Jaber Lighting Co. LLC, the Tridonic team produced a proposal that would satisfy a range of criteria imposed by ADAC. These included energy efficiency, low cost of ownership and competitive pricing to address tight budgets. As this was a government project, there was also a requirement for a five year warranty. Following a rigorous tender exercise against other major players in the region, the Tridonic/Al Jaber proposal was accepted.

Tridonic LEDs light up the coves

The winning proposal uses over 10 kilometres of Tridonic TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC LED fixtures with ingress protection to IP67, a solution that had not been attempted in the region before. The colour temperature is a warm white, bringing a brighter and more spacious feel to spaces using the cove lighting, compared to the previous fluorescent lighting. Unlike lower quality LED light sources, TALEXXchain CRYSTAL fixtures have very high colour stability so the effects will be maintained through the life of the installation. The Tchain fixtures are used in conjunction with TALEXXconverter which are designed to ensure the LED modules receive a constant voltage irrespective of any fluctuations in the mains. This helps to maintain the long life of the TALEXXchain fixtures, which are able to deliver a life of up to 50,000 hours.

As a result of this long life, ADAC will benefit from a significant reduction in maintenance costs, compared to the frequency with which the fluorescent lamps previously used for cove lighting needed to be replaced in the past. A further benefit is the enhanced health and safety for maintenance staff, compared to the risk of breakages when working with fluorescent light sources. In addition, the cost of disposing of large volumes of fluorescent lamps has also been eliminated.In implementing TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC LED lighting in these key areas of the airport, ADAC has not only addressed its sustainability criteria; it has also improved the environment for passengers and reduced its running costs.

This was an innovative use of LED lighting and the client was very interested to see how successful it would be, given the key cost and performance benefits it delivered. In fact, the client is so pleased with the results that it now intends to specify TALEXX LED for all future projects where LED lighting is an appropriate solution.

Project Data
Client: Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)
Lighting design: Arsalan – Tridonic ME
Lighting concept/planning: Al Jaber Lighting Co. LLC
Contractor: ALEC
Used equipment: LED Drivers