Location: Hohenems/Austria
Products: , TALEXXengine FREEZE, TALEXXengine LINE

The family-run Sutterlüty chain of supermarkets in Austria is enticing customers with its “shopping experience”. Its success is based on its huge range of foods with the focus on local produce, its friendly and knowledgeable staff and the modern architecture of its 23 stores throughout Austria.

At its latest store in Hohenems, Sutterlüty is once again setting high retailing standards with impressive architecture coupled with state-of-the-art technology. Tridonic’s TALEXXengine LINE LED components are part of this package and are used here to illuminate the attractive wooden façade.

Inviting lighting

The illuminated wooden façade is a masterpiece of which the architects and craftsmen can be proud. The façade is given added architectural interest by projections and recesses and 500 metres of TALEXXengine LINE modules provide warm, white LED light to emphasise the natural grain of this local building material. The modules are supplied ready for connection and are integrated directly in the façade cladding. The wide beam angle of the LED modules ensures that the façade is attractively and uniformly illuminated, which therefore provides a warm and friendly appearance, inviting customers to come inside.

The robust construction of the TALEXXengine LINE modules and their long life means that there are considerable savings in maintenance and repair costs. Compared with conventional light sources, these efficient LEDs also make a significant contribution to energy savings and therefore climate protection.

Pure pleasure

“A supermarket with a wide range of products, all available in easy reach, is a pure pleasure for both customers and staff”. That’s how Sutterlüty sees itself. Innovative freezer cabinets, illuminated by Tridonic TALEXXengine FREEZE, add to the overall effect. Tridonic LEDs are ideal as light sources for freezer cabinets and chiller cabinets because they continue to produce bright light, even at temperatures around freezing point and lower. Thanks to their exceptionally slim design they can be easily integrated in any food display cabinet.

“The shopping experience” has a bright future

Sutterlüty has always been close to its customers, in all its stores, and right from its very inception. From humble beginnings in an old sawmill in 1952, Sutterlüty Handels GmbH is now the supermarket chain with the world’s largest regional range of produce. Sutterlüty intends to expand its “shopping experience” – for the benefit of its customers, its suppliers and its employees.

Project Data
Contractor: Beta Teflac Immobilien GmbH & Co KG, Egg (A) and Sutterlüty Handels GmbH, Egg (A)
Architects: Architekturbüro DI Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH, Schwarzach (A)
Used equipment: