• Perfection for all compact fluorescent lamps


Perfection for all compact fluorescent lamps

PC TC PRO from Tridonic, the fixed-output ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps, are now based on innovative "xitec" technology. These devices are extremely energy-efficient and can be switched via presence sensors or ambient light sensors, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.



Dornbirn, Austria – From Light & Building 2010 onwards, the innovative and successful "xitec" technology will form the basis for PC TC PRO electronic ballasts from TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG for compact fluorescent lamps for luminaire installation and their surface-mounted counterparts PC TC PRO sr. As before, one of the characteristic features of these devices for operating compact fluorescent lamps is their ability to offer perfect lamp management – in other words high lighting comfort and exceptional quality of light. Among other things, lamp management includes disconnection of faulty lamps, automatic restart after relamping and constant luminous flux even if there are fluctuations in the mains voltage. In addition, the SMART Heating Concept ensures long lamp life thanks to controlled hot restrike.

The intelligent circuitry is also impressive for its economical use of resources. PC TC PRO and PC TC PRO sr are now rated in Energy Efficiency Class A2 and A2 BAT (Best Available Technology), the future standard for minimising energy consumption.

Demand-led switching via presence sensors or ambient light sensors is still a very popular approach as it significantly reduces the energy consumption of a lighting system compared to continuous operation and improves the economy of the system. This improvement is due in part to the long device and lamp lifetime figures, which are not adversely affected by frequent on/off switching thanks to the excellent gentle hot restrikes.

PC TC PRO and PC TC PRO sr are each available in a choice of two casing versions, each with extremely compact dimensions. A total of only ten devices cover the entire range of TC-D, TC-T, TC-L and TC-F compact fluorescent lamps with wattages from 9 W to 70 W, including the extremely "economical" TC-T HE 11 W, 14 W and 17 W lamps. The special feature of the new PC TC PRO generation is that for low wattages two lamps can be operated on a single-lamp device. The reduced number of devices and the positioning of the mains and lamp terminals on one side result in outstanding benefits for the use. This is also true of the sr versions in which protection against accidental terminal contact and improved plug-in terminals mean that no tools are needed for installation.

These properties make the PC TC PRO and PC TC PRO sr ballasts from Tridonic an outstanding choice not only for installation or mounting but also for energy-efficient operation – reliability and durability in perfect combination.

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