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  • Emergency lighting with intelligence and comfort


Emergency lighting with intelligence and comfort

EM PRO Ez and EM powerLED PRO emergency lighting units have always been renowned as the basis for pioneering and highly convenient emergency lighting systems thanks to their DALI interface. The latest generation of both versions is now setting new standards again.



EM powerLED PRO EZ-3

EM 34 PRO EZ-3

Dornbirn, Austria – EM PRO EZ-3 and EM powerLED PRO EZ-3 emergency lighting units, which TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG is presenting at Light & Building 2010, now have even more built-in intelligence. Both versions are accommodated in low-profile casings so they will fit in small luminaires. Other properties, such as the automatic test function for an operating time of 1 and 3 hours and the option of standalone operation or integration in DALI-based lighting systems, are evidence of the high-end character of these devices. Both versions also feature the EZ "easy addressing" system that simplifies start-up in extensive DALI-based emergency lighting systems.

The new generation of EM PRO EZ-3 and EM powerLED PRO EZ-3 emergency lighting units once again shows the way forward. The units have been upgraded with various technological features and have been adapted to meet the IEC 62386 series of standards published in June 2009, known as the DALI standard.

The EM PRO EZ-3 emergency lighting units have been designed for conventional T5, T8 and compact fluorescent lamps and are compatible with all electronic ballasts thanks to five-pole technology. Hot restrike capability and permanent electrode heating during emergency operation ensure long lamp life. This is further assisted by the "boost start" feature in which the lamp is operated at twice the output when switching from normal to emergency mode so that it quickly reaches its operating temperature and full luminous flux. As a result, good visibility is achieved quickly after a power failure.

The intelligent multi-level charging system from Tridonic on the EM PRO EZ-3 and EM powerLED PRO EZ-3 emergency lighting units offers "gentle operation", thereby guaranteeing long life for both rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiCd) and nickel metal hydride (NiMh) batteries.

The EM powerLED PRO EZ-3 emergency lighting unit makes use of innovative and durable semiconductor light, like the TALEXXengine EM-AP for anti-panic lighting and TALEXXengine EM-ER for escape route lighting. A jumper enables an operating time of 1, 2 or 3 hours to be selected so the same module can cover different applications.

The 1 W and 2 W versions of EM powerLED PRO EZ-3 are suitable for mains and emergency operating modes. The 2 W device can operate either individual LEDs at 600 mA or two LEDs connected in series at 350 mA.

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