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  • Combined lighting control


Combined lighting control

The PCA CRC controller from Tridonic provides the basis for energy-efficient operation of lighting systems. Work light is controlled according to demand with the aid of ambient light sensors and presence sensors.

Dornbirn, Austria – In schools or in offices, the prime function of lighting systems is to provide the right conditions for concentration and motivation. Nowadays, energy efficiency is another important factor. These requirements are perfectly met by the PCA CRC controller that TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG is showcasing at Light & Building 2010. It provides work lighting that is both ergonomic and energy-efficient.

It optimises the brightness level based on the ambient light sensor determining the situation for each individual light source in the room. The luminaires deep in the room are then set at a higher brightness value by the PCA CRC than those near the window.

The controller is also suitable for detecting movement so that the lighting can be switched-off after a predefined delay once the last person has left the room. By networking multiple controllers it is possible to create a full-coverage monitoring system with no "dead corners" and it is also possible to connect two sensors in parallel.

The PCA CRC controller from Tridonic has been designed specifically to meet the modern requirements of demand-led work light. Lighting systems that combine motion sensors and daylight-dependent control offer both energy efficiency and comfort.

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