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  • LED systems for downlights and spots


LED systems for downlights and spots

LED solutions are the future for general illumination. The TALEXXengine STARK and TALEXXengine FULMEN systems from Tridonic have high light output and white light quality, making them excellent options for downlights and spotlights – and with exceptional system efficiency.



Dornbirn, Austria – Progress in white light quality and light output has meant that light emitting diodes have developed from niche products into serious contenders for general illumination and can therefore also be used as light sources in spotlights and downlights. LED solutions in the TALEXX family, which TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG are showcasing at Light & Building 2010, are ideal for these applications. TALEXXengine STARK has been designed specifically for use in downlights for shops, corridors and rooms, as an energy-saving alternative to compact fluorescent lamps. The TALEXXengine FULMEN system is suitable for use in spotlights for accent lighting. It consists of an LED module, lens optics with a relatively narrow beam angle and a heat-conducting mounting plate. A common feature of both TALEXXengine products is their exceptional system efficiency.

With three versions, the standardised TALEXXengine STARK LED lighting system provides task-specific solutions. STARK DLE 3000K, STARK DLE 4000K and STARK DLE Tune achieve luminous fluxes of 1100 lm and 2000 lm depending on the converter used. Exact colour temperatures of 3000 K or 4000 K are available, and also colour temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K that can be varied by means of switches, DALI or factory settings. With its excellent colour homogeneity and a colour rendering index of Ra 90, TALEXXengine STARK is ideal for demanding applications. Constant high efficiency across the entire colour temperature range is achieved thanks to PI-LED technology, particularly in the white light range. And with a life of 40,000 hours, there is virtually no need for maintenance.

Tridonic offers the TALEXXengine FULMEN system as an energy-efficient alternative to low-voltage halogen lamps in spotlights. There are 15 W and 27 W versions available for different applications. For fine tuning the accent lighting there is a choice of lenses with 15° and 25° beam angles and colour temperatures between 3000 K and 4200 K. The TALEXXengine FULMEN range therefore offers two characteristics for "warm" or "cold" lighting tasks, each with low energy consumption and an absence of UV and IR radiation. These optimised systems from Tridonic therefore offer energy-efficient lighting of the highest quality. TALEXXengine FULMEN 15 W combined with TALEXXconverter 0030 K700 can be used for example as an alternative to a 35 W halogen lamp. TALEXXengine FULMEN 27 W together with TALEXXconverter 0030 K500 one4all can replace a 50 W lamp.

The TALEXXengine STARK and TALEXXengine FULMEN LED systems are therefore the pioneering solutions for general illumination.

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