St. Mary's hospital

Location: Portsmouth/England
Products: , EM PRO, software EM winPRO, proDIM BC9000

Emergency lighting systems are essential in many public buildings. It is also essential that they should be checked regularly to ensure that they are always ready for use. Individually addressable EM PRO emergency lighting units greatly simplify the process thanks to their application-oriented features.

The new building at St. Mary’s Hospital in the heart of Portsmouth/ England has been designed with functionality very much in mind. Despite this accent on functionality, it was important to create an atmosphere in which patients felt comfortable. The extensive of daylight certainly contributes to this feeling of comfort. In addition to the large window areas there are sun pipes to maximise natural light on the first floor. The importance of protecting patients and staff from the effects of a power failure in such a modern hospital cannot be overstated. Part of the solution is an emergency lighting system in which the total of 175 luminaires are under the control of an intelligent EM winPRO lighting management system. For correct interoperation of the different system components the same individually addressable EM PRO emergency lighting units from Tridonic have been installed in all luminaires.

The virtue of patients

The result is a pioneering DALI-based solution that offers considerable benefits for the operator and rules out any compatibility problems. Like all control units with DALI interfaces, they offer central supervision options. This means that status information can be retrieved from the EM PRO units, such as lamp, equipment and battery faults. Apart from monitoring the entire emergency lighting system, the units also automatically perform and log the emergency lighting tests prescribed in the relevant standards. An algorithm automatically ensures not only that the prescribed tests on the emergency lighting units start at staggered times but also that no testing takes place during operating theatre time. This ensures that there are always enough luminaires operational at any one time should there be a mains failure. A perfect example of intelligent functionality. This extensive functionality of EM PRO emergency lighting control units obviously has considerable benefits in terms of facility management and greatly simplifies the necessary maintenance work.

The system is further enhanced by the intelligent multi-level charging system from Tridonic which ensures that the batteries achieve their maximum life expectancy and optimum reliability. The electronically controlled charging circuit has three different charging cycles, namely “initial charge“, “power charge mode“ and “trickle charge mode“. The algorithms ensure that the charging and discharging cycles meet the manufacturer’s specifications. All the EM PRO emergency lighting units are programmed during the production process with relevant information such as the battery type, capacity and operating time. This in turn has many benefits, not least short-circuit protection, long life and deep discharge protection. All the luminaires are networked with a central computer running EM winPRO software.

Prevention is better than cure

Communication between the TCP/IP network and the DALI system is handled by four proDIM BC9000 gateways. Tridonic’s system partner Hayes Controls has installed two gateways, each connected to 45 luminaires, on each of the two floors of St. Mary’s Hospital. As the existing information network is used for controlling the system there is no need for any additional control cables for the emergency lighting system, which reduces installation costs.

Reliability, safety, and user-friendliness are key criteria for an emergency lighting system. In conjunction with EM winPRO software, EM PRO emergency lighting units offer added value in the form of central monitoring and automatic triggering and logging of all the emergency lighting tests. Tridonic’s expertise in emergency lighting is therefore helping to reduce maintenance work and therefore maintenance costs at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Project data
Owner: Mercury Health
Lighting: Southgate Lighting and Light Distribution
Electrical installers: Connect2
Project finalised: 2006 
Used equipment: EM PRO
proDIM BC 9000