Zigong tower

Location: Zigong/China
Products: , PCA EXCEL one4all lp, winDIM@net

The software-based winDIM@net lighting management system was able to put in a stunning performance in the run-up to the Olympic Games. The PCA EXCEL one4all lp ballasts helps the “tower of light” in Zigong to put on an impressive display.

The city of Zigong planned a spectacle with coloured light as part of the traditional lantern festival and to celebrate both the importance of the Olympic Games to China and the arrival of the Olympic torch in the city on June 17, 2008. This city of 3.2 million inhabitants is located in the south of the Sichuan province.

The tower, the highest point in the city, was given a complete face-lift in preparation for the celebrations. The DALI-based lighting concept was developed by the French company CITELUM.

The twelve-storey high tower kept the public enthralled with everchanging effects. Different atmospheric lighting scenarios were programmed, such as “breathing”, “rainbow” and “light beam”. The “breathing” scenario made the tower appear to come to life, with vibrant colours changing in a slow breathing rhythm. Even when it rains in Zigong, mainly in the evenings, the tower represents vitality and provides a romantic touch to the city.

The colour chases and the many possible shades of colour in the “rainbow” scenario has a spell-binding effect on all who see it. The rate at which the colours change can be redefined at any time, and this is where the Tridonic lighting control components and the winDIM@net software really show their strengths.

The monochromatic cylinder of light in the “light beam” scenario also adds to the attraction of the tower. In this scenario the intensity of the colours changes from floor to floor, providing an impression of dynamic growth. It is therefore a metaphor for the increasing prosperity of the city of Zigong. The tower in Zigong is a pioneering structure that reflects the mood of the city’s inhabitants. Technology from Tridonic is behind the colourful display and gives the landmark structure in Zigong its unmistakable appearance.

Project data
Owner: City of Zigong
Lighting concept: CITELUM, France
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: PCA EXCEL one4all lp,