Cologne cathedral

Location: Cologne/Germany
Products: , TE 105A one4all SC, powerCONTROL PCI FOX B011

Cologne cathedral receives around 10,000 visitors each day – and they can now appreciate the 850 year old architecture even more thanks to a new lighting system designed by Walter Bamberger Associates. The innovative control solution for the lighting is based on Tridonic components and was one of the winners of the DALI Award 2008.

Cologne Cathedral can now be viewed in a new light. Its architectural treasures can now be seen in even greater detail thanks to more than 1,000 luminaires. A DALI system with 90 lighting groups provides a high degree of flexibility and central control and monitoring. Although largely hidden from view, the lighting system is very easy to maintain.

The requirements that had to be met in this project were certainly high – in the truest sense of the word. The height of the roof above the nave is almost 45 m, and a good 20 m above the aisles. Installation work was made more difficult by the fact that drilling was forbidden; everything had to be clamped in place so bolted mounting brackets, clamps and struts had to be used instead. The artificial light inside Cologne Cathedral simulates natural daylight as it changes not only throughout the day but also from season to season. The main lighting system is installed at a height of 24 m. This comprises mainly metal halide lamps.

Innovative components

Telescopic luminaires mounted on cardan joints, low-voltage halogen lamps and individual cardan-mounted heads complete the system. Rail-mounted spotlights on the triforium illuminate the altars and clever mixing of the light ensures there are no shadows.

In view of the many different events, 76 lighting scenes have been programmed. They are based on 1,000 luminaires with 648 DALI addresses, divided into 90 dimmable lighting groups. The low-voltage halogen lamps are controlled via 500 digital dimmable TE 105A one4all SC transformers from Tridonic. The 70 W metal halide lamps are operated on powerCONTROL PCI FOX B011 electronic ballasts. These components ensure that all the lamps are operated in accordance with their specifications. The result is a high level of comfort, convenience and economy.

This innovative lighting system for Cologne Cathedral won the 2008 DALI Sub Award 2.

Project data
Owner: Cologne Cathedral authorities
Architect: Cathedral architect Prof. Dr. Barbara Schock-Werner
Lighting design: Ingenieurbüro Walter Bamberger, Pfünz
DI Walter Bamberger / DI Michael Bamberger
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: TE 105A one4all SC,