Sparkasse Mainfranken Bank

Location: Würzburg/Germany
Products: , PCA T5 EXCEL one4all lp

The Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg bank prides itself on its strength and its excellent customer relations. Highly trained staff, a dense network of 138 branches in city center and rural locations and innovative technology provide the perfect platform.

An innovative solution with control gear from Tridonic was chosen for the ATM area in the university branch and the main branch in Hofstrasse. The prime focus here was on energy efficiency. To illuminate the specific areas of the bank properly but with high energy efficiency the strip lights near the ATM machines and the recessed ceiling lights are operated at “energy-saving level” in times when the bank is not busy. When a person enters the bank the lighting comes on at full illuminance and is then dimmed to its lower level after a defined delay.

This is achieved thanks to the intelligent corridorFUNCTION of the digital dimmable PCA T5 EXCEL one4all lp ballasts from Tridonic which, in combination with standard motion sensors, provides a powerful blend of energy efficiency and reliability. The special feature here is that the ballast itself takes over the function of the controller so there is no need for further control components. This lighting solution is therefore not only an extremely cost-effective option it also saves a considerable amount of energy in continuous operation.

There are three pre-programmed profiles available so the lighting level and delay time can be selected to suit specific circumstances. The profiles are easily selected by inserting plugs into the PCA T5 EXCEL one4all lp xitec ballasts. The standard “never-off” profile switches between two defined lighting levels; the other two profiles switch the lighting off completely after a delay of 1 min or 30 min. It is also possible for users to define their own profile with the aid of configuration software.

corridorFUNCTION shows its versatility

To make it easier to opt for energy-saving lighting, Tridonic offers new software free of charge, called the “corridorFUNCTION amortisation calculator”. After relevant data for the lighting system, such as the number of motion sensors and luminaires, and the investment and installation costs for the system have been entered the software tool calculates the potential energy savings and compares this with a system without the corridorFUNCTION. Among other things, it shows the savings in electricity costs, the amortisation time and the CO2 savings – as an eco-friendly incentive. But even without having used the “corridorFUNCTION amortisation calculator” the Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg is impressed by the digital dimmable PCA EXCEL ballasts with the corridorFUNCTION. So much that more ATM areas and branch interiors will be equipped with innovative lighting components from Tridonic.

Project data
Owner: Sparkasse Mainfranken Bank
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: PCA T5 EXCEL one4all lp