Freemason lodge of l'Amitié

Location: La Chaux de Fonds/Switzerland
Products: , TALEXXeos P211-1

The freemason lodge of l’Amitié in La Chaux-de-Fonds commissioned a completely new lighting system to make its restored temple look even larger and more impressive than before. A lighting concept based on LED modules from the TALEXX range was chosen for its ability to highlight the interior architecture and bring the paintings to life.

The new lighting system had to be discreet, energy-saving, durable, easy to operate and capable of remote control so the Master could adjust the lighting from his pulpit to suit the particular situation. Meetings, ceremonies, concerts – the list of events in the lodge temple is very varied, and each has its own requirements in terms of lighting design and lighting effects. And there was also the need to have lighting bright enough for activities such as cleaning. Another challenge was to make use of the existing roof beams and curtain rails for mounting the light sources rather than providing any additional fixings. The solution to all these requests was TALEXX. With the exception of one chandelier and two candelabras the complete new lighting system is based on LED modules from the TALEXX family.

LED spotlights for 3D effects

Various LED modules illuminate the temple walls and the vaulted ceiling. The specific properties of the individual components determine the lighting effects for the individual objects.

Each of the columns is illuminated by four TALEXXeos P211-1 units with 10° lenses, arranged in series and accommodated in tailor-made packages. The result are “spotlights” with very small dimensions mounted on a joint rod. Not only do they illuminate each column, they highlight vertical lines in such a way that the walls are given a certain “rhythm”. At low intensity when the walls and ceilings are barely lit or not at all, this effect is particularly strong, giving the columns an almost mystic aura and making them appear detached from the wall.

Three different TALEXXengine units with linear lenses and three different colour temperatures provide a gentle transition from the walls to the cornicing and then to the ceiling. To highlight the warm colours of the painted linen on the walls, TALEXXengine in warm white is used here. The blue ceiling, the colour of which has faded with time, is lit with daylight white LEDs. The “cold” white light emphasises the blue and a narrow beam angle gives the illusion of distance. TALEXXengine in neutral white with a diffuser lens that spreads the light over a wide area provide a gentle transition between the walls and ceiling. This avoids a hard break at the edges of the cornicing.

The LED concept has been supplemented in three cases with halogen lamps. The central chandelier and two candelabras, which were originally operated by gas, are now fitted with 18 W halogen lamps, controlled by a DALI-PCD unit. When dimmed to a low level, the reddish filaments of the halogen lamps look like tiny flames, perfectly complementing the directional and colder light of the LEDs. When faded up the chandelier casts a flat light on the ceiling, smoothing out its age-related unevenness after unavoidably being emphasised by the lighting round its edges. The entrance is illuminated by a single TALEXXengine which is not connected to the control system. As it is used simply to light the passage a conventional switch is sufficient here.

Lighting moods at the touch of a button

The x-touchBOX is the main controller and is mounted near the entrance. The DALI system combined with different preprogrammed scenes provides a simple and versatile way of creating the right lighting at different times and quickly changing from one lighting scene to another. In addition, the Master can fade the current lighting scene up or down and select a specific group of luminaires from his pulpit – all at the touch of a button.

The overall concept met all the requirements of the customer. The small dimensions of the products enabled the light sources, power supply units and controllers to be integrated in the refurbished décor without the décor being damaged by drilling holes or the like. The low energy consumption, the flexibility to adjust the colour temperature and beam angles to suit specific needs, the ability to dim the lighting without affecting the colour temperature and the uniform illumination of the rounded walls were all factors that greatly impressed the freemasons. The flexibility and versatility of the TALEXX products were the basis here for giving the temple, which was built in 1845, a brilliant make-over.

Project Data
Owner: Masonic Lodge l‘Amitié, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland 
Architect: Pierre Debrot, Architekt SIA, Cortaillod, Switzerland 
Lighting design/planning: Géza Vadas, VADAS Conception lumière – Ingénierie Scénique, Switzerland 
Restauration: Elisabeth and Michael Muttner
Atelier de restauration d‘art, Le Landeron, Switzerland 
Used equipment: