Grand Hyatt

Location: Guangzhou/China
Products: , OMBIS 70 A103W, ZRM 4,5-ES/C

US-based Global Hyatt Corporation recently opened its first luxury “Grand Hyatt” hotel resort in Guangzhou, province of Guangdong, China. The Hyatt Hotel Group prides itself on its outstanding service quality and the exceptional architecture of its hotels and has become one of the most successful luxury hotel companies in the world.

The Grand Hyatt Guangzhou is a five star luxury hotel in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong, China. Located in the new central business district of Tianhe, the hotel hosts a variety of restaurants, a luxury rooftop spa and a sophisticated business centre to make a stay in China’s Guangdong Province an enjoyable and memorable one.

To complement the hotel’s exterior, Tridonic’s local partner, the Guangzhou Deke Lighting Company, designed the entire outdoor illumination system for the spacious complex. The gardens of the new Grand Hyatt hotel feature a water curtain to give prominence to the building’s entrance area. To enhance the effect, waterproof lamps have been installed so that the water curtain is illuminated directly from below. Alongside the water curtain there are huge steel support columns. These are also lit by floormounted lamps controlled by Tridonic gear. Tridonic’s outstanding 35 W, 70 W and 150 W HID magnetic ballasts have been used throughout the installation so that the HID lamps are operated precisely to their specification. Tridonic’s time-controlled ZRM 4.5-ES/C is used as the ignitor.

For the Guangzhou Deke Lighting Company, the Tridonic’s products far outperformed competitors’ products in terms of their compact size, low noise level and long service life. Tridonic’s exclusive time control functionality for the ignitor was also cited as a key criterion for the decision.

Fitted with the latest technology from Tridonic, the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, not only provides spectacular views across the Pearl River and the Central Business District from its sky lobby on the 22nd floor but also has spectacular lighting effects in the entrance area and the gardens around the entire complex.

Project data
Owner: Hyatt Hotel Group
Lighting fixture: Guangzhou Deke
Project finalished: 2007
Used equipment: OMBIS 70 A103W,
ZRM 4,5-ES/C