Heathrow's Terminal 5

Location: London/United Kingdom
Products: , PCA EXCEL one4all lp, EM PRO

The lighting system designed by Andromeda Telematics for the new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow airport is the world’s largest controlled lighting control system. 120,000 light fittings with DALI ballasts combined with 2,600 motion sensors provide energy-saving lighting. And the emergency lighting system has also broken records. It is the world’s largest single DALI emergency lighting control system.

The control system designed by the British company Andromeda Telematics is the largest controlled lighting scheme in the world. Each of the 120,000 light fittings from Thorn was equipped with a digital dimmable ballast PCA EXCEL one4all lp from Tridonic. Together with 2,600 motion sensors, they provided the basis for meeting the demands for energy efficiency and sustainability.

EM PRO emergency lighting units

The world’s largest single DALI emergency lighting system was set-up with the aid of EM PRO emergency lighting units from Tridonic. The lighting system is monitored and controlled with the aid of the KNX management system from Andromeda Telematics. 2,900 intelligent switch interfaces and 870 control panels containing KNX/DALI gateways were installed in the new terminal, all linked via the KNX control system.

The DALI system has been deployed to facilitate airport operator BAA’s commitment to the sustainable operation of Terminal 5, reducing energy consumption and therefore operating costs at the same time. Compared with other structures of this size, energy savings are conservatively estimated at 45 percent.

Lighting control utilises a combination of manual switching and preprogrammed lighting scenes (scene setting). In addition, the DALI system monitors all of the light fittings to give real-time feedback on lamp running hours and projections for lamp replacement, and assessment of energy consumption in any given area of Terminal 5. In the event of changing business requirements, the DALI-system enables the lighting to be reconfigured easily through software changes rather than hard wiring. For ease of use, all the data from the DALI system is fed back through an IP-platform to a building integration system.

A modern emergency lighting system

A major technical innovation on Terminal 5 is the full integration of the self-contained and central battery emergency lighting system. Testing and monitoring is performed with the general DALI lighting controls. This avoids duplication of systems and resolves any compatibility issues. It has been achieved using Tridonic’s EM Pro DALI emergency lighting control units, which are designed to give total control of the emergency testing and reporting functions. Automation of emergency lighting testing in this way eliminates much of the costly visual inspection required with conventional systems. Given the vast expanse of Terminal 5, this will deliver significant savings in maintenance costs to BAA.

EM PRO emergency lighting units, which also have the functionality of the EM SELFTEST module, have benefits in terms of facility management, particularly for operating large lighting systems. Martyn Suggett, Portfolio Technical Leader at BAA said: “The DALI-controlled lighting system at Terminal 5 has quickly been recognised as the benchmark for all major lighting installations within BAA.”

DALI Award 2008 for Andromeda

It was therefore hardly surprising that Andromeda won the DALI Award 2008 for this successful project at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Project data
Owner: BAA (British Airports Authority)
Architect: Richard Rogers
Lighting:   Andromeda Telematics 
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: PCA EXCEL one4all lp,
Motion sensors (2,600 pieces)